Hi, Life: Happy Birthday to Me

Swoosh… swoosh! That was me blowing the dust on this sporadically updated blog 😊 It’s been so long of course, but every time I wanted to write something, I was too scared to spill everything and showing my vulnerable side, which happens rather often these days.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Anyway, today seems like a good day because it’s my 31st! Yeay happy birthday to me hahaha. The past year was filled with blood, sweat, and tears… quite literally too on the last two. I was laid off by my last job in July, and despite the very dramatic process that will always be painful to remember, I am grateful for them to keeping my husband—even gave him a promotion this year—since then, I have been applying to tens of organizations but as Mba Ria said her last blogpost, finding jobs in the middle of the pandemic is frustrating.

Photo by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash

I did about 12 interviews so far and I was lucky to have met some amazing people working in big and renowned organizations, but some people were challenging too. In July, I started a small home-baking business to make myself some ‘uang jajan’ and despite zero experience in baking/using an oven before, I’d say I learned quickly and did pretty well. I actually used to think people who said ‘baking is a therapy’ was lying hahaha but I now actually found it therapeutic too! #karma

Baking has also made me closer to my grandad and nan-in-law since nan-in-law is an avid baker 😊 One time, I saw grandad posted a Whatsapp status with a picture of my cake which really made my day since that was very sweet and cute.

I never thought being a 31-year-old will look anything like this but again, who thought Covid-19 was going to be a global pandemic to begin with? To be honest, I am still worrying every minute of the day—probably not financially but more about professionality and career—yet I am so so so thankful for a wonderful partner who shamelessly promoting himself everywhere on the internet that he received so many jobs offer that I wish I get–and how supportive he has been throughout these times. All and all, I am deeply grateful for life.

That’s all for now I guess, gotta help husband bake a Chocolate Tres Leches cake for my birthday woohoo! thank you for whoever reach down here and completed reading my random rants. Love, S.

7 thoughts on “Hi, Life: Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Mba Stellll happy birthday (lagi haha). It’s been a challenging year but I’m so proud for starting your baking business and that you keep learning. Big hugsssss x

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