On My Mother’s Birthday


Today my mom should have been 65. She died ten years ago at 55, and the memory of her dying still hurts. I miss my Dad everyday but Mom, not so much. I was never close to her, and my memory of her is filled with her being sick for half of my childhood, and how hard working she was.

I always think of my mother as a very smart and bold woman. Everyone in my family admires her. I am amazed at how her work and perseverance brought her to have a good life that I once had but her daily life was about work and work and work. She even still worked and talked about business in her hospital bed.

I am turning 25 next week, and the more I look at myself today, the more I see my mother in me. Her being smart, being bold, and independent. I just wish I won’t end up as a workaholic like she was. I am very proud of her, and I am very proud to be her daughter but that doesn’t mean I want to be like her. The beau always says, the more you try to not be that person, the more you will be like them. That’s how annoying life is.

So, mom, even though you’re no longer here I’d still like to wish you a happy birthday. I am grateful for having a mother like you, no matter how distant we were. I hope Dad spoilt you rotten today.


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