We got Covid-19

1 out of 38,391. 

On 8 July 2021, the number of new Covid-19 cases recorded in Indonesia was 38,391 cases. Mine was one of them. 

I had my first fever at 37,3 C on 7 July morning, and I somehow had this gut feeling that it was not an ordinary fever because it felt like a really bad hangover. I could only sleep and was practically bedridden for the whole day. My best friend’s mom died this day due to Covid-19, so there was an added stressor. My mood dropped.

Some love packages from friends and colleagues.

I also ordered myself an oximeter–an important tool to monitor Covid-19 patients–pandemic life–and told my husband to stay away (which he didn’t). In the end, his PCR result on 10 July came back positive. But thankfuly, his symptoms were a lot milder than mine. 

My symptoms were considered mild by many, but these mild symptoms were: 

-Fever (for the first 3 days)

-Loss of smell and taste

-Dry coughs

-Drenched in sweat while sleeping (despite having no more fever)

-Constant and pounding headache right behind your nose and around

-Feeling lethargic

The headache was the most painful thing for me, it wouldn’t go away with paracetamol, it could go on all day. You lost your focus, and even the smallest activities drain you. I really wish this upon no one (except for the Covidiots!) 

This is my very first medications. Antivirals, vitamins, and antti-inflamatory for coughs. All these to be taken in one go.

When I saw the PCR result, I felt scared of course, so many people died of this. The hospital is full. Oxygen supply is scarce. This is technically the worst timing to get it. But I was vaccinated (albeit, only the first dose) in May and I don’t have any underlying conditions so I was hopeful this thing won’t hit me too hard. I didn’t post my result on socials because I wanted to leave out family back home in the UK from worrying. Mum-in-law always watch what I post, but she doesn’t read my blog 🙂 we’re planning to tell them as we’re going out of this, probably in the next day or two.

I should’ve been starting a new job on the 19th this month, which will definitely be delayed since my isolation period will go past that. Luckily, I have an understanding and supportive employer. New job, though! yeay me.

Today is the 13th. I am on Day 7 since my first symptom, and Day 5 since I started my medication and I have felt a lot lot better, barely any symptoms left. Yesterday, I got my sense of smell back. I feel almost healthy again, except for occasional hoarseness in my voice.

For people who don’t believe Covid exists, may you rot in hell. Sorry (not sorry!) for my language but on 7 July, my best friend’s mother died in the ambulance due to Covid-19. Covid is real. Wear your mask, wash your hands.

9 thoughts on “We got Covid-19

    • thank you mba Ria, mungkin kalau diswab belum negatif sih tapi aku udah berasa sehat banget puji Tuhan ❤ and yess, excited for my new job (from home) xxx thank you stay safe 🌟

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