Life in Time of Corona

How is it going guys? I hope you are doing well, healthy, and not too stressed (I hope!) with how 2020 has been. My husband and I are doing okay, we’ve been at home since the second week of March (it wasn’t that long ago but God it feels like it’s been ages….)

I don’t know why I bother writing this post to be fair, maybe… to be read later in 20 years (if WordPress still exists), that in my life span I was once living in the middle of a pandemic. Here’s what I’ve learned so far after almost 2 weeks being at home. 

We don’t need much

Really, we don’t. I am very grateful for having a roof to stay, enough money to buy food, and a healthy husband with three silly cats. Of course, I still shop online but I did it mostly out of ‘treating’ myself since I can’t find any other way to do so-yet I am so privileged to be able to treat myself. 

Internet is no longer a luxury

Really, everyone should have it. Governments should work to make it accessible. I work in a school where most of the students are coming from wealthy families and shifting their education to online learning is not a problem at all. But people with no/difficult access to the internet will fall behind. 

Most jobs can be done from home 

Unless you’re a field worker, most jobs can be done at home. So employers really don’t have any more rights to say that ‘no, you can’t work from home’ because the last two weeks have proven otherwise. The desire for employers to make employee’s life difficult through dreadful commutes should be illegal hahaha. 

No news is good news

Some probably will disagree with me, but really, I’ve stopped checking the news in the last few days and try to minimise my ‘mental diet’ from sad, heart-punching, and painful stories from people across the world. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy but really it’s because I have too much of them I seriously can’t handle it anymore. When you feel the desire to check the news, or check numbers, or bumped into heartbreaking threads on your socials, leave your phone right away. I’d say the best thing we can do to keep sane is by trying to stay healthy: both physically and mentally. 

My housing complex has a beautiful garden

I allocated the time I normally spent commuting to a morning walk and found a beautiful tiny park in my complex. #smallhappiness

Anyway, how’s everyone holding up? Looking forward to see everyone’s smiles when we pull our all masks off. x

All images to support this random write-ups are from Rawpixel.

10 thoughts on “Life in Time of Corona

  1. I couldn’t agree more on the point that we don’t need much. I began to think I have too many clothes, too many shoes, too many books… I plan to start reducing them, giving them away once this is all over. Not sure when…

  2. What a beautiful garden! Sepertinya sekarang-sekarang ini banyak orang yang sedang bikin “kebun/taman” mereka sendiri di rumah. Hampir setiap hari adaaa aja yang posting soal tanaman. Hihi. Jadi seru sendiri lihatnya. Kalau lagi gak bisa ke luar rumah gini, punya taman sendiri juga menyenangkan yaa 😀 Tapi wajib telaten merawatnya

    • Hihi iyaaa! Itu kebun di komplek aku, aku pribadi tiap rawat tanaman.. mati mulu 🤣🤣🤣 emang tangannya gak “ramah lingkungan” thank you udah mampir, salam kenal ya 🙂

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