Thoughtful Thoughts

What to give to someone who has everything?

Have you ever had that problem in your life? I love giving gifts to people as much as I love going around shops and buying it from them. I remember one day I had four friends having a birthday in one month and I dedicated one Sunday to go to three different malls to find the perfect gift for them by myself.

But then one day, in my first few weeks at work, a friend who sat next to me is having a birthday. She is by far, the kindest and smartest person I have ever met in this office. I had no idea what to give her like.. I didn’t even know what her favourite color was. So, instead of spending money on something that she might not like/ use, I made her a (what I think) simple handmade birthday card, and bought her two small jars of cookies.

It’s the thought that counts, they say. Believe it or not, she was extremely touched and we had been best friends since then. Her first response was, ‘You made this? I never had anything made specially for me before!’


Recently, I was faced with the same situation when one of the researchers at work is having a birthday party for her two daughters. Bear it in mind, researchers here are making a really, really, really good money. I barely know any of the kids, and I don’t know how they like to spend their spare time.

So, now, with the help of my great dodol husband who bakes… I asked him to bake some cookies to bring for the party 🙂


What I am trying to say here is, on my birthdays, I received gifts from distant colleagues and I knew they spent a lot of money for that, but I honestly don’t find it useful for me. It’s not the price tag that counts, it’s the thought that counts. Draw me a picture, write me a birthday note, or buy me a little cupcakes or a bar of chocolate… small gestures could means a lot. And I am saying this not only for birthdays, but keep this in mind every day… you never know your sweet little gesture might cheer someone up, or help them to get through their day.

TGIF! xoxo,



6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thoughts

  1. I’d love to receive cookies! My favorites are the handmade cards. In my family we do this. I save all of the cards. So much more special than a bought card and their signature! 🙂

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