Sephora Collection Holiday 2017 (with swatches)

I know it’s probably too late for me to post the Sephora Collection Holiday 2017 but I love the product so much I’d like you all to know about it and maybe, after reading this, you might pick up some Sephora Collection products from a store near you! I live in Indonesia, Sephora has only been opened for two years I believe… and the store just brought in the holiday collection on the 20th of December which is very late (I know!)


Well… I wanted to buy everything but my wallet said no, so I only picked these two: the Sephora Winter Flush Blush palette, and the Sephora Cream Lip Stain Set.


Onto the blushers: I picked this Sephora Winter Flush Blush palette because I had a peak inside the product at the store and I was in awe by how beautiful the palette was. I was also in need of some neutral colored blush (and for any other reasons, really).


The palette comes in a beautiful rose gold cardboard packaging. It actually feels sturdy and a bit weighty which is nice. The palette comes with (technically) 8 shades: 4 mattes, 4 shimmers. The shimmer ones are really small though, but they’re nice to have as complementary highlights for each matte blush.


The four matte shades ranged from pale pink to pale neutral. The darker of the four mattes are a raspberry pink (almost similar to theBalm Cabana Boy) and a medium peachy brown (my favourite!). All these four mattes are highly pigmented except for the raspberry pink one on the top right.


The four shimmer one are all in the same tone of shade as the mattes. The shimmer shades though, I find a little patchy to apply and it really does what it says: shimmering but not highlighting. So if you wish for a bit more highlights, use a proper highlighter product.


Now, onto the Sephora Cream Lip Stain set. This set comes with 4 mini lipstick in a price of one. Sephora Cream Lip Stain has become one of my top liquid lipstick because of how smooth it glides on the lips, it’s highly pigmented, and very long-lasting (I walked all day once without needing to re-apply through tea and buffet food).


These minis are cute and useful for on-the-go. To check out the shades, please see swatches below:


32 – Blushed Nude. A very pale beige.


41 – Vintage Rosewood. A deep rosey mauve.


1 – Always Red. A warm red – suits every skin tone. Looks a lot nicer in person.


14 – Blackberry Sorbet. A deep berry plum shade with cool undertone.


All in all, I am very happy with my purchases and I wished Sephora Indonesia would be able to bring in the holiday collection a lot sooner than later. I’d say though, having tried a few of Sephora Collection products (I’ve had some others, too) for a price  between a drugstore and high-end brand, Sephora own brand comes with a really good quality, they actually have never let me down. (See my review on their foundation here and their primer here).

So, have you tried any Sephora Collection product before? Or did you pick any of their holiday collection? Please do share 🙂

Much love,



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