Review: Sephora 10-hr perfect foundation

I am pretty sure everyone who reads this must have gone through the time of looking at their pretty self on the mirror and said ‘My face looks way too dark.. too yellow.. too pale’ and the gasping moment continues forever until you found the right foundation. Funnily (and ironically) enough that, despite living in a tropical country where the sun shines all day everyday…. Most foundation sold in stores are only catered people with fair to light-medium skin. Thanks to every well-made and viral whitening products advertising (I’m talking to you, Pond’s..), everyone here is obsessed to be pale.


I then stumbled upon this Sephora 10-hour wear perfection foundation. What attracts me to this foundation is not only it promises a long-lasting performance but also the wide range of shades available at the store to swatch and pick from.


I then went home with the shade 35-bronze which perfectly matches my neck and my hands. This basically would match anyone under the category of medium to medium deep skin tone. When I first applied it on my face at home, and wore it the next morning… one thing I realised though, the shade does match my neck and hands but it’s a tad too dark compare to my actual face. I can probably assume there that my vitamin C serum is working (?).



Speaking about the formulation, the foundation is rather thick – I guess, as most full coverage foundation do.  The thick texture resulted in the need to use more than one whole pump for a medium coverage. For me, I needed 1,5 pumps to cover the whole face, with a slight more coverage for underneath the eye, when I didn’t use concealer.



Speaking about the lasting power, I would say, this foundation pretty much lived up to what it says on the packaging: I wore this last weekend from 7 AM and by the time I came home at 5 PM, I’d say the foundation didn’t move, even my blusher still looked pretty spot on.

In terms of holding oil on my face, by wearing this together with my NYX pore filler primer underneath, my face was pretty much stayed matte on the drier area like my cheeks, and just ever-so slightly oily on the T-zone. So, so little oil, that you can’t see the shine, you can only feel the oiliness when you touch it.

Everything about this foundation is amazing, and I’d say for you who has oily or combination skin type, this one could become your ‘Mr Right’.  My only down side is, the shade I picked was a little too warm for my likings. I have been testing this bad boy for a whole week now and I’d dare say, I haven’t found anything works as great as this one on my skin. It didn’t break my skin, it applied beautifully and… Sephora doesn’t test this product on animals. Super yay!

7 thoughts on “Review: Sephora 10-hr perfect foundation

    • Thank you for reading! The number of times in the past I went to Sephora store and just stared at their foundation is unbelievable hahaha so glad I finally got my hands on it!

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