Sephora Skin Smoothing Primer

Hi, there! As much as I want to write more this week, work has been pretty busy. Also, last weekend away means this weekend I had to catch up with a lot of freelance writing I missed out last week. Bear it in mind I also had to attend a friend’s wedding yesterday! So I am sorry for just coming back today 🙂

This friend’s wedding, however, reminds me that I had run out of my usual go-to primer, the NYX Pore Filler. My first primer was the Rimmel Stay Matte primer, and I knew I was not going to repurchase my NYX pore filler. Accidentally last week when I visited Sephora Plaza Senayan during my lunch break – which just down right at where I work – I found this tiny bottle on their ‘Best Seller’ shelf and had to try it on the back of my hand. Me and my friends did actually, but my friends found it too oily whilst it worked wonder on my dry skin. So, I purchased them the next day for IDR 224,000,-

First impression

After using it for the first time last night to my friend’s wedding, I could say that I was impressed by how long my makeup last. Although I sprayed my Smashbox primer water as a finishing spray, so I didn’t know was it because of the primer water at the end or purely because of this small clear-gel primer.



Female magazines and beauty reviewers said this makes a good dupe for the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I personally never tried the Smashbox (the clear) one, but I did use the pore minimizing one (in purple) and as far as I can tell, the quality is almost on par.

Final thoughts


All taken with no filter and no beauty camera 🙂

I used this primer one more time today for a Sundate with the husband to see how it would work in the day, with the heat and everything and this time without the Smashbox primer water. It holds my makeup pretty well, and after using it for about 6 hours on my face, my T-zone doesn’t get oily at all and my foundation is stay locked in place. So, I guess for the price, the size, and what it can do to your face, I am pretty happy with my purchase.

However, I wish Sephora would change its packaging into tubes for a more travel-friendly packaging, though.

Please let me know if you have ever tried this, or if you have any suggestions on a good primer 🙂



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