Makeup Brushes: Essentials

brushHi there! So, my travel plan next month has brought me to think of packing my makeup. Now this, brought me to think of packing my makeup brushes. From all brushes I have, I won’t take them allm but if I have to choose some of the essentials, please take a look at my list down below. Picture here are put together from Google (of course), and I own most of these, but some of them are not necessarily the same brand than the one I use. My point here is to let you know which brush is essentials, based on their functions:

Foundation brush
I will bring a big buffer brush like this, flat or round top. I can use this not only for foundation, but also for other liquid product like BB creams or CC creams. You can apply them first with your finger, and blend everything seamlessly with this kind of brush. My picks: Zoeva 102 Silk Finish, Sigma F80 flat top foundation brush, or Reinedoll Foundation Brush, or Real Techniques buffing brush from their core collection (the latter is the least soft of all)

Concealer brush
For buffing concealer, a dense brush like this will create a smooth finish for under the eyes. For pin-point concealing, use lip brush or gel eyeliner brush. This concealer brush can also be used to blend foundation/ liquid product in smaller areas like around the nose and around your lips. My picks: Zoeva Luxe Concealer Brush or Reinedoll Concealer Brush.

Blush/Bronzer/Highlighter Brush
This contour brush from Real Techniques is very multi-tasking and my favorite for traveling because Real Techniques brush just feel very strong-sturdy in my opinion. You can also opt for an angled blush brush for this purpose, using the angled for bronzer and the side for blushers.

Powder Brush
You can, of course, use big fluffy and massive powder brush for all over your face. But, after watching Lisa Eldrige for so long, I agree with her when she says that, powder applications should be more precise in certain area. I personally would want my oily T-zone to be matte, and my cheek to be dewy and fresh. Thus, small tapered powder brush like this is important. It’s also great for under the eyes. My picks: Elf Small Tapered Brush or Real Techniques Setting Brush.

Base Shadow Brush
You can find eyeshadow brush like this anywhere, they comes in different brands and different price tags. Brush like this is essentials for applying powder on the lid and crease. I personally prefer to use synthetic hair brush because they work for both powder and cream products, and they are easily washed and more low-maintenance than the natural ones. My pick: Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, or any eyeshadow brush you find in store.

Tapered Blending Brush
I put Sigma E40 blending brush here, because I think they make the best one. However, regardless of the brand, tapered blending brush just works for everthing: applying colour, smudging the edge of the eyes, applying highlight to the face, blending and soften the colours of your eyeshadow. You can apply your colour using fingers (or q-tips even), as long as you blends them well, you’re good to go. Ecotools Duo Enhancing Eye Set is also good for traveling 🙂

Dual-ended slanted brush with spoolie
Slanted small brush like this works for both eyebrow powder/ pomade, and if you must: eyeliners. You can also have separate spoolie of your own, but a dual ended brush like not only they save space, but also practical. Spoolie is important to stroke your eyebrow after pencils/ pomade to keep them look natural. You can also use this to separate your lashes after applying your mascara. The worst thing you can do is to go out with clumpy lashes.  My picks: Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush, or Morphe Brow Brush.

Do you have your own brush essentials when you travel? Any tips? Please let me know xxx


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