Review | MINISO Beauty Brush and Sponge

Who’s not heard of Miniso? The Chinese brand selling cheap household and consumer goods. I find their shop pretty amusing to visit, and the quality of the product are not bad either for the price.



Recently, two girls from work kindly bought me three Miniso Makeup Tools: a powder brush (which I desperately needed at the time!), a contour brush, and makeup sponges as a birthday gift. How nice! It’s been almost four weeks and I have been testing them out every day since.


So, here’s my thoughts for each of them:

MINISO Powder Brush

Both Miniso makeup brushes come in a metallic finish (I’d say plastic) handles. I quite like the look of the brushes to be fair, the shiny finish on the handles kind of lift up the ‘affordability’ a bit. Miniso powder brush is a large domed brush, which is just perfect to apply bronzer all over my face. My previous go-to-brush for bronzer is the Real Techniques powder brush – and besides looking similar, the application does reveal a difference.


Miniso Powder brush from different angles. Bottom right is a comparison between Miniso and Real Techniques.

The Miniso Powder brush picks up product nicely, but you have to swirl a bit more than you’d normally do with other brush. When applied, unless you swirled your brush properly, you will have uneven pigment on to your skin because certain points of the brush picks up more products than the other. While Real Techniques Powder Brush picks up product quickly in one swipe and when applied, the pigment/colour comes out evenly and blends softer on your skin. However, if you are a beginner – it is pretty safe to use Miniso one when you apply powder gradually.

Beauty sponges

Ok, my reaction when I first saw this Miniso Beauty Sponges ‘they’re pretty big when they’re dry’ – so I when I wet them, they’re huge… I mean, it’s so big you can use it for your body. I am not complaining at all here, I am loving it! Blending my base takes a lot quicker which means more sleep in the morning :p The finish is pretty good too! It performs better than other cheap makeup sponges I’ve tried.


Left-right: dry vs wet sponge. The size when it’s dry is actually an ideal size for beauty sponge. 

The sponge is however a little stiff in the inside – I mean better quality sponges will feel more bouncy and when you squeeze them it would feel a bit ‘empty inside’. Because of this texture, the sponge picks up more product than you expect BUT again, this is not necessarily a bad thing because for a base – it’s better to build them up slowly to avoid cake face. So, another beginner-friendly product for one who just learned to apply face base product. Although I won’t use high end foundation and use this sponge because 40% of the product will be absorbed by the sponge. 

MINISO Contour brush

This one I have a mixed feeling about. Well, I don’t do contour and it seems a bit too dense to use it for powder highlighter but not dense enough to use with cream product. Having said that… this brush is doing a pretty good job at blending cream blush/highlighter – so that’s it.


Texture wise, the bristle doesn’t feel as soft as the powder one – maybe because of the way it was cut for the finish. But maybe if you love a heavy contour-face I’d say this brush would does the job well enough since the size and the cut would give precise application on to your face.

Final verdict


Size comparison from left to right: MINISO contour brush, Real Techniques contour brush, MINISO powder brush, Real Techniques Powder brush.

I have washed this brush twice and I don’t see any bristle fallen off so far and it seems like a good sign. I’d say MINISO makeup brushes are pretty good at doing its job considering the price point. For makeup beginner – before you dip further into your pocket – these brushes are good to go.

As for the beauty sponges, yes I do like how large it is when expands but after a wash, it takes forever for the sponge to dry down and it absorbs a bit too much product than I’d like. I also think, there are enough local brands who makes good sponges at similar prices – so I’d rather go for them.



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