My 3 Skincare Mistakes

2 years ago, my skin was basically fine – acnes only come during the time of the month and PMS. I then read a few articles on skincare and all of a sudden I’d like to try everything (oh bless the young-hearted!). So, without even bother to educate myself on skincare ingredients and whatsoever, I just buy and use. The result? My skin was at its worst state for almost a whole year.

I got itchy, disgusting, and irritating spots on my cheeks (my cheek had always been clear before) and around my mouth. I used foundation every day. Today, my skin has not been fully recovered yet but it feels a lot better to touch and I only get one (or sometimes none) acne during the time of the month. Some skincare mistakes I have made and regrets are:

Over exfoliating


Exfoliation = the removal of surface dry skin cells. Over exfoliating can cause: strip skin barrier, dryness, aging, and over sensitive skin (due to the stripped barrier).

On one bright sunny day… I started using a couple exfoliating toners and at first, my skin looked and felt a lot clearer, so when I got a big, painful spot on my cheek – I never thought it was those toners that caused that. The acne on my cheeks wouldn’t stop coming… until one bottle was finished and I forgot to quickly repurchase and my acne stopped coming. *face palm*

It got a lot worse when I tried the CleanPop facial cleansing brush (supposedly a dupe for Clarisonic). The brush was so soft and I loved the way it massaged my skin. It says they are best to use when you use sunscreen and foundation – which I used every day then. So, guess what? I stupidly used the brush every f*cking day. My pores got bigger, I got even more spots on my face and every one everywhere whom I met would say, ‘What’s up with your face? So spot-ey!’

Lessons learned: a lot of skincare experts believe in using exfoliating toner but rather oppose to the use of cleansing brush – you should never exfoliate for more than 5 times a week, and never forget to use proper hydrating toner/ moisturiser afterwards.

Skipping moisturiser

THIS! Ok, I used hydrating serum and moisturising sunscreen so why bother use another layer of skincare when moisturiser only works to moisturise?! Well, now I learned… moisturiser is a sealing agent to lock and hold all the skincare benefit you put underneath – and to avoid moisture loss during the day due to harmful environment.


When I start to use moisturiser again, I feel the drastic difference on the texture of my skin: it was never dry but it now feels a lot softer, less bumps, suppler, and surprisingly less oily.

Dirty makeup brushes


Most dermatologists will tell you to soak your tools, especially foundation and concealer brushes, once a week — at minimum — to prevent product build-up. Because these brushes are used on your face, the cleaner, the better, says Bobbi Brown. “Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month,” she says. “All others can be washed once a month.” (

So, I once used an old brush and I broke out the next day – yet I did it again another time #guilty. But on these days, if I am lazy to clean my brush I just apply any product with my clean fingers instead. So, always wash your brush when you can!

There… I’ve told you all my stupidity and please don’t ever do the same thing to yourself. Have you done anything in your routine that makes you skin worse, not better? 

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