Suka Suka Jadi Anak Tunggal

Aku bahas suka-suka aja ya karena lagi gak mau inget-inget dukanya. Pertanyaan: seberapa banyak dari kalian yang baca tulisan ini, adalah anak tunggal? *angkat tangan* hahaha. Ini tulisan murni iseng-iseng ya, kalau misalnya suatu saat aku memutuskan untuk punya anak, pengennya satu aja. Tapi selalu kepikiran “kalau cuma satu, nanti aneh, kayak gue.” Ijinkan aku berbagi…

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask_Manyo Herb Peel

Review: Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask & Manyo Factory Herb Peel

Well.. what’s my favourite colour, you asked? One of them is green. What’s my favourite skincare product, you asked again. They come in green packaging (!). I am going to share two K-beauty products that have improved my skin and my life (read: my confidence) significantly. Okay, first up:


‘I’m definitely more of an introvert now, but when I was younger I was the opposite. I was so incredibly loud and bubbly, to the point where no one could really contain my energy. I guess you realize as you get older time is so precious, whether it’s with your family, your friends or yourself.…

Female porter, Yogyakarta.

As a 23-young-hearted lady, I have a back of a 60-year-old. This photo though, however… makes my back feels even older. Maybe I should become a female porter. The 85-year-old lady works as a female porter. She earns a living by carrying fruit, vegetables and dry goods among other items, in baskets strapped to their…

Our first Sunset

Bukit Berahu Beach. August 30, 2013. After a few months of being together, we decided to test our relationship by having our first trip together to Belitung Island, Indonesia. This is the sunset in front of our cottage, first day. At this second, nothing else matters.

A Promise To Be Kept

Please accept my sincere apology dear you. It’s been more than a year since you were born and I have been leaving you for too long, crying in the corner, gathering dust and forgotten. Let me make you a promise: to stop ignoring you, and filled you with colorful stories and dreams. Sincerely,Yours