Bon Appétit Chiang Mai

As I keep on mentioning on my previous post, I had no expectation whatsoever for Chiang Mai, all I wanted was just a place to chill and moseying around after a very busy year that we had. To my surprise, not only Chiang Mai Old Square is charming but the food was without fail, one of the best amongst other countries I’ve visited.

I won’t say these places I listed down below is ‘oh you must eat here!’ but if you’re wondering where to start or which one would worth spending out, please read on. I didn’t take many photos (I barely took my camera around with me… I took photos almost everyday in my job, so I wanted the pressure of taking good photos off my head), but I gathered pictures I could found from the internet (with credits) for your reference.

Khao Soi lady in front of the Wat Phan Tao
Cost per bowl: 40 Baht

Khao Soi is, to put it simply: a curry noodle. It comes with a choice of pork, chicken, or beef. The noodles are a mixture of soft boiled and fried crispy egg noodles. The broth is thick and tasty, it has a little bit of sweetness to it. I personally think it’s best served with chicken. Khao Soi is a flavourful feast in a bowl. The lady at the Sunday night market made the best Khao Soi I’ve had so far.

Chicken Khao Soi (Pixabay)

Rachadamneon Kitchen
Cost for two with beers: 200-300 Baht

Tom yum , pad thai, and Tigers.

First of all, they sell imported beers 🙂 We initially came here to watch the Sunday Night market and drink a couple of Tigers. Rachadamneon Kitchen also has some of the friendliest staff we’ve met in Chiang Mai, and very attentive. Food here came out quickly and taste amazing. The chicken wings is a must have!

Baan Buri at Buri Gallery House
Cost for two with beers: 700-800 Baht

The entrance to Baan Buri Cafe.
Green Curry Set with Springrolls. Image taken from Baan Buri’s website.

This was the first restaurant we tried in Chiang Mai located just right in front of the Wat Phra Singh and we did surely went back here for some more. Not only they’re strategically located but they serve hearty curry dishes and yummy coconut ice cream. Fresh coconut water is available and they’re naturally sweet.

Also try: Khamfu (next to Baan Buri)

I must say, most of the cafes and restaurants in Chiang Mai serve mainly Thai food. We went past a couple of Italian restaurants that are close down, or a closed down bakery 😦 One morning, we decided to walk 1.2km to find bagels and croissants at Dailycious Bakery towards the main road, and it didn’t disappoint.

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