What to watch on Netflix

Now that holiday season is approaching, I’d like to share my top recommendations on Netflix. Some of these are probably not new to you, but if you haven’t watched it… you should!


It’s been a long time since I watch anything so good and so intense that it stressed me out (in a good way) at the end of each episode. It tells a story of a heavily-PTSD police officer (who used to serve in the army), David Budd, who heroically stopped a terrorist attempt by himself – of which achievement got him promoted as the bodyguard tothe Home Secretary, Ms. Julia Montague.

I won’t spoiled much, but between Budd’s conflicted personality, and Montague being an important political figure and the people working around her – it messed my head up to figure whom should I trust. Anyway, for anyone who enjoys James Bond, or even Bourne trilogy (oh wait there’s four…) you’d definitely enjoy Bodyguard. Not to mention Richard Madden’s smiles…  when he does, that is.


Now, this series is funny, honest, and warm.The story revolved around the life of Sam Gardner – an 18-year old student on the autism spectrum who’s obsessed with the South Pole, and penguins, and is learning about dating. Like, how he wrote down the pros and cons of his-potential girlfriend — or — why he should let this-potential girlfriend touches his personal belongings which resulted in the girl being locked up in Sam’s wardrobe.

Besides watching how Sam developed and learning about penguins in almost every episode, this series also shows you the struggle and development of each character, including Sam’s parents and sister. Each episode runs short in 40 minutes and very easy to watch, making it a great show to watch on-the-go or binge overnight with some hot chocolates marshmallow.


Well, this is a movie which I believe, not for everyone but I secretly have a huge crush on Marion Cotillard and her acting in this movie is so good. The story begins with Max Vatan (Brad Pitt), who played husband and wife with Marriane Bonsajeur (Cotillard) to assassinate the German Ambassador during the World War II.

The first half of the movie is full of action,while the rest of the movie evolves more on the relationship between these two.The story is slightly predictable, but is still enjoyable and possibly one of Cotillard’s best performance I’ve seen since ‘Love Me If You Dare’.

4 thoughts on “What to watch on Netflix

    • Kok cuma sampai episode 3 haha, episode 6 yang bikin stress! Home Secretary itu katanya semacam apa ya, Kapolri? Kepala imigrasi? haha pokoknya salah satu jabatan tertinggi di politik Inggris gitu deh 🙂

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