The Mighty Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Now that 2018 almost come to an end (seriously?), I’d better tell you  more about my summer trip to the beautiful and quaint Luang Prabang (LP). We stayed at the Old Quarter area and spend most of our days chillin’ at the coffee shop or taking little strolls around the city. At night we’d go for a nice meal and stayed longer for a couple of drinks.


One of the highlights of my trip to Luang Prabang was to see the Kuang Si falls. Every tuk-tuk driver you pass will try to take you to this ‘Kuang Si? Kuang Si?’ As soon as we booked our flights to LP,  I knew we had to see it. Kuang Si falls is said to be the biggest waterfall in Luang Prabang which is 50 meter-high,  flowing down towards the serene pool at the bottom.

Now, Kuang Si falls is one of the most popular attractions in Luang Prabang, besides Mt. Phou Si, the Royal Palace, temples, and the ‘Tak Bat’ ceremony.

kuang-si-falls-laos (6)

How to Get to Kuang Si

From Luang Prabang (Old Quarter), I know there are a few ways to get to Kuang Si, you can either:

  • Go on a tour with a group of other tourists using a bus,
  • Share a tuk-tuk ride with fellow travelers on the road,
  • Rent and drive your own motorbike, or
  • Hire one tuk-tuk and have it for yourself

Because we hate people (kind of), we opted to hire our own tuk-tuk to go there and back for 250,000 kip. The tuk-tuk we had was big, it was more like a tuk-truck (ha!) I mean, you could fit probably ten or 12 people in our tuk-tuk.

The journey from Luang Prabang to Kuang Si falls took about 45 minutes going toward the outskirts. We went passed local houses, schools, small shops, giant Buddha statues and temples followed by small, winding roads going through the forest.

kuang-si-falls-laos (2)

Upon arrival, we paid entrance ticket for 20,000 kip/each. As you enter the forest to go to the waterfall, you will first welcomed by the Bear Sanctuary. I saw a couple of bears playing, and sleeping, but I couldn’t get any pictures because silly me I only brought one fixed lens on me. Anyway, they were quite cute.

kuang-si-falls-laos (3)

We continued our walk and was welcomed the first pool of Kuang Si, some people would go swim here or in the next pool but not only I hate people, but I hate water too (!) so I didn’t go for a dip.

kuang-si-falls-laos (4)

We took photos, stop and admired the turquoise water and continued our hike to reach the main falls, where you see this wonderful falls cascade into pools. If you want to go up the trails and be adventurous, you can. But the husband and I didn’t have proper footwear to go nor the will so we were happy to see and enjoy the fall from under.

kuang-si-falls-laos (7)

Walking to and from the falls was nice, the weather was cooler since the sun were covered by the shaded trees, and coming here early morning means that, there weren’t be as many people in the falls (just yet) – although we encountered a group of elderly Korean tourist lot – who were just going back home as we arrived.

kuang-si-falls-laos (5)

Anyway, if you plan to visit Kuang Si, make it as your priority of the day and spend as long as you want here (especially if you have your private tuk-tuk waiting for you). There is also a butterfly park and elephant sanctuary 10-minutes away from the waterfall which I wanted to go, but unfortunately it was closed for then. So, when are you going then?

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