The Chronicle of Two Lost Kittens

Last week I arrived home and there was this beautiful little kitten outside at our porch. She was sweet, and she chirped like little monkey – how cute. We decided to feed this kitten and when we’re about to put down the food bowl, her brother came! A handsome ginger kitten! Whoa I couldn’t take it they were adorable.

After that day, we realised that feeding stray kittens in front of your house was a mistake… these two kept coming back to our house and stayed at the porch. There was one night when Peter caught them cuddled up on to my fluffy slippers and my heart broke a little.


Look how small they are!

As you have probably known that, we have two cats already and I know that having two more cats is a bad idea; so we can’t take them in. But I couldn’t stand the thought of these two outside forever – while they can actually be healthy and happy if they live in a house. So, we determined to find them a loving home.


After food nap.

The first person I contacted was Lea from @yoursrajut who rescued and fostered my little Ciara to see if she’s willing to take them in, but she’s currently fostering an ill cat so it will be too much for her. Bear it in mind that, she’s just a university student so she gets the fund to foster these cats from people’s donations. If you’re a cat person, please spare some of your cash to her to help every strays she’s saved.

Lea agreed to post a photo of these two kittens — Fire and Ice — on Sunday night, and it was also reposted by several other cat accounts, I had so many people DM-ed me for adoption.


Of all people, there was only one who actually contacted me through Whatsapp and I knew then, this girl was serious about her intention. She was also very keen and quick when I asked her to fill out the (really long) adoption form 🙂

She is Helen, an 18-year-old high school student who recently lost her two cats, one died from stomach illness and the other one was taken away :(.

She texted me on Tuesday night, so right then we took in Fire and Ice into our home, gave them a bath and potty-trained them. It was a big shock to my house cats. Fig seemed to not mind them (he’s such a sweet little man), but Ciara was very aggressive towards them. We kept the two pairs separate, house cats in the living room and the kittens in the kitchen.


Ice, after bath cuddles.

On Wednesday, we took Fire and Ice to Helen’s house in Tangerang, which… surprisingly far away haha. I met her and her family. Her parents were very kind to us and very welcoming to the cats. Helen’s mum renamed Fire and Ice to Leo and Cindy ^.^. What a badass pair!

I am hoping Leo and Cindy will live a happily ever after life in their new forever home J here’s a picture of them sent to me by Helen:



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