a little update.

It’s been quite a while since I write anything in this blog, first of all, sorry for the missing beauty posts – I have some new products I have tried and worth reviewing but just haven’t figured out the right time to do it yet at the new house.

Right… on to the life’s update:

New housing arrangement


Our new bedroom 🙂

The husband and I rented a new place close to his work in South Tangerang. It’s way too far from my work but the journey I take every day is still half of what he used to have for his daily commute. We moved in last month and after been living so long in an apartment/ boarding house at university… to finally able to live in a proper house and actually able to touch the ground, is really nice.

Sing me some @lauvsongs


So, chances are you probably don’t know who this guy is but you might already be familiar with his hit single ‘I Like Me Better’. Lauv made a special performance during the Java Jazz Festival 2018 earlier this month, and I was supposedly going with a friend but she was kind enough to tell me two nights before the show that she couldn’t make it. Thankfully the husband offered to take me, and there we went… our first concert together. In front of me was a tall white guy with his son on his shoulder so when they blocked my view, the husband lifted me up 😀

Trying to live healthier… by quitting the gym

Yup you heard that right. The gym has been a big part of my daily routine and everyone who heard me quitting was like ‘Seriously?! That’s your life!’ haha. Since we were busy moving and everything – also with the living arrangement we have at the moment, going to the gym doesn’t seem that impossible… but going home late is. The traffic where I am now is so unforgiving after dark, so every day I rush myself to try to be home at any time before 6.


Daniel Peazer home workout

I also figured that, now that we’re both home early and the house has enough space for us both to actually do some proper work out – we’ll do our workout at home. Youtube is our fitness God. I love doing any 30-45 mins workout from Popsugar Fitness, Strong by Zumba, or dance workout by Daniel Peazer. The husband prefer to do quick high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training by Joe Wicks.



Ai Lee Syarief for SBZ

We also start to eat healthier by limiting our carbs, watch our breakfast, eat more veggies, and I am trying (really hard) to swap my coffee with some sips of earl grey instead. My goal is not to be skinny, but to maintain whatever weight I am at my happiest and to NOT get fatter despite quitting the gym 🙂

Travel plan


Well, this year we only have one travel plan so far for the summer: to dip our naked feet in supposedly the most beautiful waterfall, cycle around the empty streets, and savour cheap Nutella baguettes between the little strolls we take through the local market. Can you guess where we’re heading? ^.^

4 thoughts on “a little update.

  1. Waah Tangerang Selatan, jangan2 deket sama rumah ortuku. Emang ini jauh banget ya Stel dari pusat, kalo pulang kerja tuh harus cepet bgt kalo ga mau kena macet 😦

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