Semasa Cafe, Kota Tua

Close your eyes. Picture yourself in your most peaceful place. Got one? I just found my hygge café in town: Semasa Cafe. Great coffee, big windows and a lot of sun, with a couple of Lauv’s tracks playing in the background (seriously they played 3 Lauv-songs on my first 10-minutes).



When you’re happened to find yourself in Jakarta, waste your money (not) by shopping in Mangga Dua area and rest your feet over some tea or coffee in Semasa Café. This little café (and shop) is located just across the front entrance of Jakarta Kota train station, near the Fatahillah Square in Jakarta Old Town neighbourhood.



We walked our way to this cafe from the immigration office. It wasn’t an easy walk… not only for the lacks of sidewalks, but also the barely bearable heat and humidity at 2 o’clock in the day. However,  judging by how ‘Instagrammable’ this place is, I considered myself lucky when we had the café all to ourselves. Pete ordered two cups of manual brew coffee: Luwak coffee and Peaberry Samosir.


I had one coffee latte brewed with their Semasa Nusantara signature blend, and a really nice iced coffee — Ice Coffee Sunda Kelapa. Coffee and tea are reasonably priced at around 30-35k rupiahs per cup and you get a couple of biscuits!. Nice.


Semasa Café and shop also offers different kinds of tea, but we’re both more of a coffee-person so we didn’t try any of their teas. They should have cakes too… but I think God saw how chubby I am already… that on the day we went, they ran out of cakes.


Besides coffee and tea, as you can tell by their name, this little coffee shop also sells quirky-handmade souvenirs from different makers such as pins, postcards, scented candles, and notebooks. Me, being a hygge snob that I am, bought myself a scented candle from Project Mummy.


Semasa Café and shop is located on the third floor of the colonial Olveh Building in Jalan Jembatan Batu, West Jakarta. The first and second floors are sometimes used for holding art exhibitions, therefore people… Semasa is best visited during weekdays or in no-exhibition days to avoid annoying crowds.


The café itself is tiny, but they have what I’d called an ‘emergency-sitting-area’ in the outside but sitting here means you’d miss the sunlight and the cool books and every-instagrammable-spot and what’s the fun of that? 🙂



14 thoughts on “Semasa Cafe, Kota Tua

  1. Dari dulu kepingin banget ke cafe Semasa ini! Kapan2 kalau ke Jakarta pasti akan mampir ke sini 😀
    Eh iya aku penasaran mbak sama candle-nya Project Mummy. Karena hobi sama soy candle, aku lihat Project Mummy ini tapi baru di IG. Penasaran!

    • Hayuk mba kalau lagi di Jakarta nanti aku traktir matcha di sini 🙂 Candle-nya belum aku nyalain mba… baru beli hahaha, so far produk lilin buatan lokal yang aku pernah pakai cuma Kencana Candle, enak dan terjangkau itu 🙂

      • waaah asik! Matchanya enak ya mbak? Wah thanks infonya! Dari kemarin aku cari2 soy candle buatan lokal yang oke dan terjangkau 🙌🏼 Baru denger yang Kencana Candle ini, thanks ya infonya ❤️

      • Eh.. Kencan itu soy candle bukan ya haha.. ada lagi Duft and Chandelle tapi aku gak yakin wangi kalau dibakar wkwkw nanti kalau aku udh coba aku review ke mba Aggy ya 🙂

      • Oh iya Duft and Chandelle aku udah pernah denger juga tapi mahal banget kudu nabung dulu hahaha. Aku dibeliin adekku Hush candle, itu soy dan wanginya lembut, harganya juga ok (4oz 18sgd). Oh ya kemarin juga lihat di Utama Spice mereka jg ngeluarin candle. Pingin coba juga (banyak maunya 😅)

  2. duh pengen punya Kokedama deh liat foto diatas..

    bagus ya cafenya, terlihat dan terasa homey, semoga ga ada menu nasi goreng, suka drop deh kl ngeliat cafe jualannya nasgor atau lasagna sebagai temen ngemil hahahah

    • HAHAHAHA nasi goreng hahaha, nggak ada mba, menu nya cuma minuman aja 🙂 makanannya apa yang ada hari itu aja biasanya cake atau quiche gitu… kapan-kapan kalau mampir ke Jakarta ayok ke sini hehehe

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