Skin&Lab Red Serum: Why You Should Buy It

Hi, it’s the new year and as I am moving out the house and decluttering my stuff, I found this empty bottle of Dr. Color Effect Red Serum by Skin & Lab in my empty stash which worth reviewing.

skin-lab-red-serum-hellosora-korean-skincare (1)

This Red Serum claims to brightens skin tone, improve skin textures, as well as moisturising. It also lists Niacinamide – which is famous for skin brightening and helps fade acne scars – as one of the key ingredients, although based on Cosdna website, the Niacinamide is listed as ingredient number 14 (which is quite far at the bottom).


skin-lab-red-serum-hellosora-korean-skincare (5)
The texture of this serum is almost water-like: it’s clear and has a very thin consistency – unlike most of other serums. It smells really nice, it has jasmine-ey scents to it. For me personally, I find the smell to be relaxing but for some (especially whose skin is sensitive to fragrance) this could be a put off.


skin-lab-red-serum-hellosora-korean-skincare (4)
I applied three drops on my face: one on each cheek and one on the forehead. This three drops I find to be enough to cover my whole face. On the first second post-application, my skin feels moist and supple and glowing (no exaggeration there, trust me). It absorbs pretty quickly on to the skin, and on every application, it feels like my skin thanking me for treating them properly.

It also works well under sunscreen and makeup, and because of how moisturising it feels I sometimes skip my moisturiser and just added eye cream instead.

Final verdict

skin-lab-red-serum-hellosora-korean-skincare (2)
It took me a complete four months to finish up this bottle, because of the water-like texture and the generousity of giving us 40ml of product, this red serum definitely worth my every penny.

My skin texture has shown a slight improve, most of my acne scars have faded and there have been less bumps on the skin.

Repurchase? A BIG YES

skin-lab-red-serum-hellosora-korean-skincare (3)
During the last week of using this serum, I repurchased The Ordinary Niacinamide +Zinc serum (which I used in April through June), because the Ordinary has thicker consistency which I quite like.

However, if I look back at my pictures… I think the one that actually makes the change on my skin is this Red Serum, because during the period of using The Ordinary, my skin texture was still not as good as they are today. Also, I think, my skin prefers the texture and the feels of the Red Serum. So, even when I am trying/using other serums, I think I will still repurchase this to just have it on the shelf to use it when I need it.

I would actually recommend this anyone who is looking for brightening serum, or simply another layer of moisturising product before your cream/lotion.

Dr. Color Effect Red Serum by Skin&Lab can be purchased in Indonesia through or Tokopedia πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All views are my own. Different skin reacts differently to certain ingredients, this product works very well for my combination and acne-prone skin, but might not works the same on your skin.

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