Dream Destinations in 2018

Normally, in the beginning of the year like this, me and the husband would plan ahead (and mostly dream about) places we’ll go and see in the next year. However though, since we’re moving out of the apartment we’ve been living for the past 3 years and a lot of other things… this is what I call: almost adulting :p

Anyway… since we are not sure about where to go (or even have the money to) let me (day)dream about these places and see what you think of them. Feel free to throw any recommendations, dear readers x

Go on Gondolas in Venice, Italy



Well… this place is beautiful of course. Venice has been on top of my wish since I had ticked off York of the list. Gondolas, canals, and bridges, all of them speak romance in general. The city also has many historical places to go, such as the famous St Mark’s Basilica and some other non-religious sites. I can’t actually think of any better days but to go through every canal and admire every bridges we pass, and to drink as many glasses of Prosecco possible.

Hike the Yosemite National Park



I have written a blogpost about going to this park before, but I am just going to say it again here that… if there’s ever be a chance, for me to visit America it’d be to come here. I am not a beach-person so places like this is a heaven on earth for me. Set up a tent and stay for the night, enjoying the beautiful sky and breathe in the fresh air which I rarely see and get in polluted Jakarta.

Coffee Hopping in Sydney


Devon on Danks. (Pinterest.com)

I heard they make the best coffee place, living in Indonesia makes me appreciate good coffee. But I haven’t found any coffee place (yet) that is amazing. Most places here sell their ‘look’ not their actual drinks.

Beauty shopping in Myeongdong, Seoul



Korean skincare has grown a little bit on me, they’re cheap, and are mostly good. I mean, I have never found any Korean skincare/makeup that breaks me out, they’re either really good, or do nothing for me. Myeongdong seems to be everyone’s favorite place to shop, just look at this:

See Komodo dragons



Last but not least, the husband and I have been talking about going to Komodo Island since forever but the conclusion always came to ‘I want to go out of the country’, but who knows, this year could probably the year for us to actually doing it.

Have you been to any of these places? Please do let me know what you think 🙂 or if there’s anywhere else that I should put on my list x

Much love,


12 thoughts on “Dream Destinations in 2018

  1. Imho Melbourne has better coffee than Sydney, the taste and the place👌🏻 Been to Komodo island and saw the dragon, Padar island is also very gorgeous, a must visit!

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