2017… where did you go?!

Dear 2017… you’ve gone fast. I mean, seriously it’s been an eventful year. So, what have I done? I am hoping by writing this through I’ll find something meaningful to cheer about this year, and (hopefully) won’t have anything to regret.



Well… 2017 has become a special year for me and Pak Dodol because we’ve added a couple of furry babies to our family: we took two feral cats and give them forever home 🙂 For me, being the only child… I was raised as a selfish b*tch and being a catmom taught me a lot of patience and selflessness.




I am grateful, for the chance to travel this year, and more so, for the fact that I was able to do two out of four journeys with the loving and amazing best friends. I realised now that, as you get older, being able to meet up with a friend is something to treasure (especially when they have kids and you haven’t).

gili-trawangan-indonesia-nwblog (1)

As we get older, priorities changes. This is something I learned and accepted so hard. You know… you thought you’ll always be there for each other forever, but world doesn’t work like that.

yayoi-kusama-sg-life-is-the-heart-of-a-rainbow (18)

Mum’s wedding

Sexton Wedding15

This summer, we went to England for the mother-in-law’s wedding. She married her long-time boyfriend/fiancée of 8 years in a beautiful town hall in Loughborough. I was also honoured to be given the trust to take photographs of their important day. We also managed to travel to a few places with grandad and dad-in-law which was nice. Grandad happily took us to Bourton on the Water which ticked off my wish list this year.



The gym has also become a big part of my life since early 2015. I started doing hip hop/ modern dance since I was 9 so dancing is something I feel like I was born for. Although, my Chinese family would never want their daughter to pursue any career in anywhere but conventional job environment, so for me going to dance school had never crossed their mind. The classes at the gym helped me rekindle my love with dancing. I also joined a lot more workshops this year, one of them was a 5-hour dance workshop by the Seoul-based studio 1milliondance (they have 7,5M subs on YouTube).


Well, this part is very boring but I just can’t deny the fact that we spent most of our days being at work. This year has also been very interesting for me, for the ASEAN’s 50th anniversary we managed to produce a series of 5 books on ASEAN, which involved a lot of sleepless nights, sweats, and tears.


2017 also a great year for the blog, I don’t necessary get 500 followers overnight but I don’t really care much about followers anymore, if people enjoy and find my content useful that’s great. But I am more thankful for meeting fellow writers/bloggers who share the same interest, which aspires me to become a ‘better me’. Blogging also a great channel for me to pour every little ideas burning in my head, from photography to writings. I just know, if I don’t blog… one day, I might forget to ‘create’ altogether.

Anyway, 2017 is the year when I turned 27 which means I am closer to 50 than I am to the year I was born. This also brings reminder that (to me especially), in this day and age where technology and gadgets collide heavily into our life, please do remember to #livethemoments 🙂  Here’s a sneak peak of how my Christmas card would be like this year :p


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