Tequila Sunrise, Sunset, and Sunburns

So, to Gili Trawangan we went…. there are three famous Gili islands to visit: Gili Trawangan (for party people, apparently), Gili Air (for honeymooners), and Gili Meno (for conservation). Why Gili Trawangan? I was going to go to Gili Air but when I was browsing for places to stay in both Gilis, I fell in love with this villa we ended up staying for our three-day-two-nights escape.

How to get to Gili Trawangan

From where we were in Kuta, or basically, from anywhere in Lombok, we had to drive down and up through a winding road built right on the side of the beach towards the Senggigi harbour for about 90 minutes. There are a few boat options to cross the water between Senggigi and Gili: Rp 15,000 if you go on a boat with the rest of the local commuters, Rp 90,000 each for fast boat (takes about 45 minutes), or hire a private speedboat for yourselves for Rp 350-400k and get there in less than 15 minutes. We chose to go with the latter.
gili-trawangan-indonesia-nwblog (2)

Little boy playing at Senggigi harbour.

What to know about Gili Trawangan

There are only three types of transportation allowed here: bicycles, scooter (operated with batteries), and public horse carriages.
cidomo gili trawangan

Horse carriages. Photo: era-wisata.

What to do

There are actually plenty to do in the island besides chillin’ by the beach, of course, if you chose to, you can hop on the boat to go visit the neighbour islands and go snorkeling. Or, if you so wish, get on the fast boat to Bali (Sanur beach). We were basically just chill by the pool in our villa, then get out for lunch and drink our day away until 9-10 every night.
gili-trawangan-indonesia-nwblog (4)

Cocktails by the beach. The only beer sold in Gili Trawangan is Indonesia’s national beer: Bintang, which gives you the worse hangover you can possibly imagine.

Eat and sleep

Most of the affordable accommodations like hostels/ motels are located in front of the Trawangan harbour. Most of the restaurants/bars on this side also generally cheaper than the one on the other side – where the sunset is. Sleeping and eating by the sunset beach are fancier and more expensive. While villas are located more seclusively in the middle of the island, far from the beach and the crowd.
gili-trawangan-indonesia-nwblog (3)

Gili Trawangan harbor.


Is it cheap to go to Gili Trawangan? It’s all depends on what kind of transportation you choose. Bicycle rental is Rp 50,000/day, scooter rental is Rp 100,000/day. Food are pretty cheap too, especially by the harbour. Horse carriage, on the other hand, are pretty expensive. We didn’t take bikes/scooter based on the fact that both of us will be drinking a few and our villa are pretty far and complicated to get to, that neither of us remember the way, be it sober or slightly drunk. Horse carriage ride from our villa to the center costs between Rp 100-150k per trip (phew!).
Beers and cocktails on the harbour side are cheap, but it can costs twice as much on the sunset beach.

Final verdict

We loved it! I’d say for anyone needing a holiday to just chill and enjoying each other’s company – like a honeymoon – a trip to Gili Trawangan or Gili Air would be a perfect getaway than Bali. Because Bali actually has a lot of places to go and see 🙂
Here’s a photo of me during the sunset, candidly taken by my #Instagramhusband
gili-trawangan-indonesia-nwblog (5)
Much love,

9 thoughts on “Tequila Sunrise, Sunset, and Sunburns

  1. Looks like a beautiful part of the world! 🌍 Hoping to see the gili islands soon, so thanks for these tips. Definitely going to check out your accommodation too, was it as good as you hoped? Was the island you were on full of tourists?

    • Hi there! thank you for stopping at my blog. 3 days will be too long if you’re only planning to look around because the island is tiny. I’d say go to Lombok and explore their waterfalls and go on a hike trip to the small hills around and take photos on the top with your friends, contact @debucung on Instagram I am sure he’ll happy to help 🙂

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