Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review

Have you ever tried any Lush product? Last month I talked you through my annoying-breaking-out-journey and today I would like to share this magical concoction a.k.a the Lush Mask of Magnaminty mask that actually stopped pimples from blossoming in my face.

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The big jar was the one I bought in Leicester, I recently purchased a small jar through an online shop called @lushmask.indo

It was a sunny summer day in Leicester when the husband let me go shopping in Highcross mall and I was determined to buy either: the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask or the Lush Mask of Magnaminty mask, but since we have TBS in Indonesia, I might as well get the Lush one because it was both difficult to find and is expensive online.


Lush shop in Highcross (

I got the big one (315 gram) for 12.5 pounds because they ran out of the small jar. Before I tried this mask, in the same month I had been using the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask religiously thrice a week for 2 weeks and it broke me out slightly. So, the night when I bought the Lush mask, I tried it on right away before I go to sleep.

First impression

My first impression was, oh God it smells amazing. Imagine lathering mint ice cream on your face! That’s how it feels. The mask is soothing and feels rather cool on the skin. It has a strong peppermint scent – from the peppermint oil – and when I rinsed them off, my skin felt as soft as velvet. And you know how most clay mask felt like it sucks the life out of you and leaving your face feeling very tight afterwards, this one doesn’t.


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Most clay masks I have owned and tried looks and feels like clay (you don’t say…) with no grits in it. But the primrose seeds in the Magnaminty mask acts as natural exfoliator, thus, when I am trying to save time… instead of leaving it dry on my face, I used it right away as face scrubs, which works wonder especially for daily uses.

After 3 months 

lush-mask-of-magnaminty-review (3)

Since all Lush products are freshly made, the Lush Mask of Magnaminty self-preserved clay mask only lasts for 3 months. And can you guess the preservative is? Yes! They are using honey to holds the mask to last, thus, the short shelf-life.

The next day after my first use, all the ‘almost’ pimples calmed themselves down and gone within the following day. And the textured, bumpy, cheeks of mine from my acne scars have become smoother and softer (the scars are still there, just smoother). I realised how ‘kind’ this ‘clay mask’ is to my skin, so I used it once in every two days since, with no other cleansing product but the Cetaphil, I can almost say, my skin has recovered from what a painful-annoying-breakout.

However, when I brave myself to try new products like toners/ sunscreen – my skin is still very sensitive and whiteheads are easily pops out whenever I am not careful with the skincare I choose. But I now have STOPPED using any acne/ pimple treatment gel/ cream and whenever tiny bumps come out I just leave it and cover it with this mask followed by proper cleansing and moisturising. Those ‘almost’ pimples, again, gone before they even grow.

Final thoughts

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Now that I am on the last leg of my Lush Mask of Magnaminty jar, I was going to try others’ HG mask (read: the TBS Himalayan Charcoal) because how difficult (and expensive) it is to find Lush online. But when I tried the TBS Himalayan Charcoal using their trial pack (purchased this online), the Himalayan Charcoal was way too harsh and too strong for my skin – so I’d dare say that my bathroom will never see a day without a jar of Mask of Magnaminty on its shelf.

I must say, though, the 315 grams jar one is rather large (too large even) if you’re only using it for your face. Especially with such a short life span of 3 months. I even ended up sharing some of mine in jars to my friend, to see if they find this mask as amazing as I do. But, apparently for them, it’s just an okay mask. This shows that, again, my review reflects a personal experience and preference that might/might not work for some.

I have a combination and acne prone skin, and this has become my HG deep cleansing mask (bear it in mind, I have tried so many different clay masks). So maybe my combo-acne-prone skin fellows can try this mask a go if they haven’t already.

I hope you find this review useful 🙂



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