Postcard-perfect Village: Bakewell

Last summer was my third time to England and finally, my dad-in-law and his girlfriend, Charlotte, were able to take a couple of days off to take us out. Dad took us on a day trip to the Peak District of Derbyshire to visit two scenic towns: Bakewell and Matlock. In this post, let me talk you through Bakewell.

bakewell-peak-district-review (35)

bakewell-peak-district-review (34)


I had no idea about where or what Bakewell looks like, I came here with no expectation but only to share a day with the family. As we were arriving, the first thing I saw was the medieval stone bridge over the River Wye. Once we parked, we headed toward the town centre and we were welcomed by this metal bridge full of love padlocks. Photo time!

bakewell-peak-district-review (2)

The writer and her husband ๐Ÿ™‚

bakewell-peak-district-review (3)

Dad-in-law and his girlfriend, Charlotte. Charlotte hates being photographed ๐Ÿ™‚

First impression of Bakewell? This place was a complete treats to eyes, so beautiful. We walked through the riverbank towards the town, and I may spent (way) too much time stopping every one minute to snap some pictures of the beautiful swans.

bakewell-peak-district-review (6)bakewell-peak-district-review (11)bakewell-peak-district-review (10)

Bakewell is a market town famous for its pudding, however; looking by the number of feline friends around, it seemed to be a popular destination for dog owners. Dogs were everywhere. It was a dog heaven.

bakewell-peak-district-review (23)

We spent the day strolled around the flower garden and the centre, with a few stops at gift shops and candy stores, and of course, stop for Bakewell pudding.

bakewell-peak-district-review (22)bakewell-peak-district-review (20)bakewell-peak-district-review (18)

Before we ended our day, we managed to visit the medieval All Saints church up at the hill. On our walk towards the church, we went pass through about 500 graves at the churchyard cemetery. The church was founded in the early 900s.

bakewell-peak-district-review (24)

bakewell-peak-district-review (27)

bakewell-peak-district-review (29)We finished our Bakewell trip over a fish and chip lunch by the river, while dog-watching every cute furry friends who passed by.


Bakewell was the second English village that I had the chance to visit after Bourton-on-the-water in Cotswold. Manโ€ฆ this place was beautiful but my heart was still set on Bourton-on-the-water ๐Ÿ™‚

bakewell-peak-district-review (32)




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