One Night in Kuta, Lombok

I had never been to Lombok, and I had seen so many people I know went to Lombok earlier this year and it looks beautiful. Thus, in need of a romantic getaway with the husband, Lombok it was. Our main destination was Gili Trawangan, but since we flew in to Lombok International Airport, so might as well stop for a night in Lombok. We decided to stay in Kuta just because everyone recommended Senggigi and I hate people so I never listened to them (haha!).

kuta-lombok-review (15)

We stayed in Lazy Inn Kuta Lombok which was clean, comfortable, and a completely decent accommodation with super friendly staff. We arrived at around midday and as soon as we had our first beer, we walked out and about to find food before heading to the beach.

There are a lot of restaurants on both sides of the (empty) street but to be fair, most of them look empty (read: dead). The only place that looked quite busy was Kenza Cafe. And of course, I forced Peter to eat here because the place looks so damn cute from the outside (what a girly reason to eat…).

kuta-lombok-review (1)

Despite branding themselves as a healthy, organic, eco- and vegetarian-friendly restaurant… what we had surprisingly tasted amazing. Mine was chicken green curry (with organic coconut milk) served with rice and Peter’s got chicken parmigiana, served with spinach and pasta. If I remember correctly, each main course was priced at around 60-80k rupiahs. They also sell some healthy-organic biscuits and served a great iced coffee latte.

kuta-lombok-review (7)

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I also really love how they design the place, with such a beach color palette. Take a look:

kuta-lombok-review (5)

kuta-lombok-review (3)

kuta-lombok-review (4)

After an amazing lunch, a 5-minute walk from Kenza brought us to the beach. It’s so hard to walk on this beach since the white sands might look beautiful but they sink your feet away as you step.

kuta-lombok-review (11)

The beach is a far cry from the beautiful, limitless ocean of Senggigi but the clear water, black coral reefs, and the hill in the background… and the tranquil atmosphere around surely made it special still.

kuta-lombok-review (14)

kuta-lombok-review (17)

A few selfies later, we headed to the centre and drink our night away over a few (cheap) cocktails in Samalas cafe. Unfortunately, the night ended early on our third glass because there was a power blackout and we were worried about heading back to our hotel much later (and more drunk).

kuta-lombok-review (12)

All in all, I’d still recommend going to Kuta if you’re searching for a quick (and quiet) stop in Lombok before heading to Bali/Gili because it’s close from the airport. Food and drinks are great and affordable, and the beach may seems mediocre but really though, coming from Jakvegas… Kuta beach is a heaven for me. Kuta is also where the Sasak village is located, which is one of Lombok’s major tourist attraction shall you’re interested to see it.


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