Stella 2.0

Bear it in mind that, I was raised as an only child in a wealthy family with my own driver and nanny. So, pardon my rantings, I am so suck at being an adult… #adultingsohard


  • Ironing the husband’s shirts at 10 o’clock at night after a long day of work out
  • Waking up to the cats meowing alarmingly every SINGLE morning
  • Accept that no one else will do the chores
  • Mickey Deas food taste like tissue paper
  • Your friend for the longest time no longer can be your friend because you think differently
  • Peer pressure is high: get married, get pregnant, get a car, get a house. What about you try to get a life, people?
  • Going home from a nice holiday away to STILL doing the cleaning up and a pile of dirty laundry
  • Having Koko Krunch for breakfast at the age of 27 is no longer acceptable
  • Sleeping 8 hours a night is seriously a luxury

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