Postcard from: Gardens by the Bay

So… where have I been? On the couch with my cats and I am not even joking here, every time I meant to take pictures of beauty products for my blog, the cats always distracted me 🙂 Oh, and in respond to the my first rethorical question in a more literal-factual-and-real answer: I was in Singapore last weekend.

Indonesia had a three-day weekend for Eid al-Adha celebration, so I forced my best friend to accompany me to Singapore just because, the husband is so sick of being in Singapore after too many visa runs and… going with your girlfriend means you can spend longer time shopping! Every time I asked around for recommended place to go to Singapore, almost everyone everywhere said the same thing: Gardens by the Bay.

I had never gone here because Peter is acrophobic and I was always too stingy to pay out for the tickets :p. However, after Mba Noni’s blogpost about the garden last March, and every single person’s recommendations, I finally went last Saturday and I am so glad I did. Here’s a few snaps of the inside for you who’s never been:

The photos below show the structure, and the whole look of the Cloud Forest. You will be welcomed by a man-made waterfall at the front just right at the front of the Cloud Mountain (the main attraction as seen on the first picture), which is 45-metre high. Visitors can reach the top using the elevator and walk downhill using the interconnecting bridges.

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-nyonyawhitfield (16)

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-nyonyawhitfield (15)

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-nyonyawhitfield (6)

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-nyonyawhitfield (5)

I won’t go far and speak technical here because information about this garden is available everywhere. What I’d like to stress here is, this place is truly worth your money (especially the Cloud Forest; the Flower Dome are okay but when there’s special exhibition such as Sakura Flower, it’s actually worth going as well). The two pictures of me below are taken at the entrance of the Cloud Forest (left) and the Flower Dome (right).

Fun facts: both conservations are air-conditioned to reflect the climate of the theme. The Cloud Forest, for example, tries to give you the sensation of being around in a cool-fresh mountain so the temperature is kept on around 23 degree. Now it’s time for some flowers, people:

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-nyonyawhitfield (21)

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-nyonyawhitfield (9)

Anyway, I hope my pictures do the justice. Entrance ticket to enter Gardens by the Bay is SGD 28 for two conservations, SGD 3 for shuttle (just in case you’re too tired to walk or traveling with babies or the elderly) and SGD 8 for the OCBC Skytree (pictured below). During peak hours, you may have to queue for an hour to go to the top. I am glad we didn’t buy the ticket for the Skytree or else we would’ve waited for a long time before home.

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-nyonyawhitfield (13)

OCBC Skytree. During peak hours, you may have to queue for an hour to go to the top.


This one was taken at the darker hour in 2015.

Lastly, I know for some people… man-made gardens are boring especially when you have to pay out quite a lot for it. But it’s interesting to see what Singaporean government had put together to make such a great creation. I lost count on how many times I said to myself, ‘If only the Indonesian government would do the same thing toward vacant lands rather than building hotels and malls, that would be amazing.’

Much love,



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