MAC Times Nine Dupe? MAC vs. Focallure

Hi, everyone! It’s been ages since I write anything makeup-wise, Indonesia’s beauty blogosphere had been raving about this very cheap, but very pigmented eyeshadow from China-based brand: Focallure.



I had never been interested in buying one until when recently, I purchased the MAC Times Nine Eyeshadow, which, reminds me a lot of the Focallure palette.




I then ordered the Focallure no. 4 and to my (not so) surprise, the size and packaging of these two eyeshadows are exactly the same. Although, I actually haven’t discovered which comes first yet, so who takes inspiration from who? I figured, might as well try these together on both eyes 🙂


left-right: Focallure-MAC

Let’s take a look at each palette:

Focallure Nine Colors Eyeshadow #4


Focallure Nine Colors Eyeshadow no. 4

The Focallure Nine Colors Eyeshadow No. 4 is priced at 2,5 quid or about 3 USD. I bought this from an online shop in Indonesia for IDR 88,000,- (about 5 quid). The palette has a strong pink hue, with a hint of copper. It comes with 5 matte shades, and 4 shimmer shades. There are 4 light pink matte shades which comes out into basically nothing on your skin/eyes. However, the dark pink matte one is pretty pigmented. All the shimmer shades are very buttery, and has almost no fall out, and is very pigmented especially when applied with eyeshadow sponge.

MAC Burgundy Times Nine


MAC Burgundy Times Nine

MAC Burgundy Times Nine is priced at 25 quid, which costs ten times than one Focallure palette and as the name goes, is more burgundy than pink. I’d say this is a neutral cool tone palette, focuses on darker shades. The palette consists of 2 matte shades,  2 satin shades, 2 shimmer shades, and 1 velvet shade, and 1 glitter-y shades.  Full information about the names of each shades can be seen here.

The look

On the picture above, the MAC palette is on the left, and Focallure in on the right, and despite looking so much different in here, during application process, they actually look pretty similar. For both eyes, I used shade marked no. 1 on the crease, no. 2 on the outer corner and no. 3 on the inside. Here’s the end result:


right-left: MAC – Focallure

I’d say, they look pretty similar but I’d prefer the Focallure better for this one because, the gold glitter-y shade on MAC is to be honest, more difficult to blend than the Focallure one. They’re both looked pretty similar though 😉

Final verdict

I’d choose MAC for every shades except the glitter-y one because the matte, satin, and shimmer ones are very pigmented – you get what you paid for – I guess. The shimmer-y shades on Focallure are amazingly beautiful, but the matte ones are very meh~

However though, considering the price point, if you buy two Focallure palettes (#4 and #5) to achieve what the MAC one has…. it would still costs a fraction of one MAC palette.







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