March Darlings: Makeup, Skincare, and Lingerie

Hi, there! It’s April already and I am so behind in writing my March favourites a.k.a my darlings… probably let’s make this ‘recent favourites’ instead 🙂 Let’s go straight in:



Real Techniques Miracle Sponge


Everyone everywhere might have tried this and I feel so late in the game, but hey, I tried it and I love it. I have been always a brush-kind-of person but this sponge is a game-changer – it applies so beautifully and it saves me a lot of time to blend because you just dab dab dab and you’re done.

Sephora 10-hour wear perfection foundation


I have only had his for a week but it feels like having a new boyfriend, you know? So excited every time I want to use it, and feels so good too. I have made a full review about this foundation here.

Goban Lipstick in Teddy Brown

This is probably the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried, and it’s a local brand too. So proud! I have this in the shade Teddy Brown, and it’s a brown nude color that is just about suited my medium skin perfectly. been wearing this everyday at work because it’s not drying at all, and the pigmentation is so opaque, one swipe gets it all. If you’re interested in other Indonesian liquid lipsticks, read my post here.

RCMA no-color powder


I have heard so many bloggers rave about this powder, I had not been intrigued by it until Wayne Goss mention this in his video. I’d buy anything Wayne tells me to :p And seriously my foundation doesn’t move an inch, it stays in place forever until you wipe them off of your face. I bought this ‘trial’ share in jar 10 gram powder through Tokopedia from Helobeautyid shop. The jar comes with a shifter, and a proper sticker. Better than it’s spice bottle packaging, of course. However, judging by how cheap this is, I believe fancy packaging and pretty branding would adds up its price by probably 50%. So, I don’t really care as long as the product works.

Skin and Hair Care

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

Since I got back from a cold Christmas this January, my face started to break out L and I have tried so many things to calm it down yet it’s just getting worse and worse. This Snail Bee essence is supposed to ‘fasten’ the skin cell recovery and gives moisture to the skin. I have been using this for one month, and I can see that the scars of acne has got smaller – no drastic or super significant  effects yet – but I can tell that it helps my skin a bit.

Botaneco Garden Argan and Olive Oil Hair Serum


I have been using this after every wash, right before I dry my hair, and the result is pretty amazing. My hair is everything: dry, frizzy, split ends, just seriously it has everything happened to them but this oil does help to soften the texture and make it stronger – and it works better than the L’oreal Extraordinary oil one, for me, anyway. Botaneco Garden is a brand brought to Indonesia by drugstore Guardian.

My DIY Coffee Scrub


My skin has never felt so good out of the shower… and do you know that Papuan coffee smells like chocolate? If you never tried it, please do so follow this easy recipe here.


Cotton On Lace Bralettes


I don’t normally talk about wardrobe here, but dear God… there’s nothing feel sexier and more comfortable thanlounging around the house in a lace bralette. I recently purchase my first ever lace bralette from Cotton On and they’re even good to sleep in. I suggest anyone who wants to try wearing bralette, do try this one! Cotton On is currently having a big sale and I got this cute lace bralette for IDR 100,000,-

There you go, have you tried any of these products? Do let me know x


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