DIY Coffee Scrubs

Ok, I’d tell you something about me, this is very (NOT) important and I didn’t think it was a big deal until I realised it was not normal here. I LOVE taking hot shower! Hahaha. I know it’s not good for the skin, and I know… that I am currently living in a tropical country, where the city is polluted by air and lights and the heat can be annoying af. But, I sleep with an AC every night and I work in an AC room all day so that requires some warmth which I find in my peaceful and regal hot shower.


Ok, enough about showering. In order to keep my skin relatively normal – and not too dry – I love using body oils and sometimes when I am in the mood of doing so, I scrub my body, too. I can’t remember when the last I bought commercial-factory-made-body-scrub because I had been obsessed with making and using my own coffee scrubs.


The husband and I love, love our coffee at the weekend and as an Indonesian, drinking and appreciating good Indonesian coffee seems obligatory. So, let’s jump into how I made this easy-peasy-yet-fancy-coffee-scrubs, what you need:


  1. Used ground coffee. Not only used ground coffee is a lot softer and smells a lot better, I feel bad to take some freshly ground coffee to not drink it.
  2. Sugar.
  3. You can use any kind of oils you like (except for vegetable cooking oil, of course, that would be gross) – baby oil is cheap and effective. Olive oil smells nice and feels great on the skin. I personally use the latter or this Sukin Bio Natural Oil (fancy, I know) that I got for free from Benscrub.

Three ingredients, that simple. You can add some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, if you’d like to thicken the consistency of your scrub. Vaseline will also sticks everything together a bit better. This scrub smells so great, effectively exfoliate without drying out the skin, and leaving my skin soft and supple and beautiful after every application. I also love making my own lip scrub, let me know if you want to know what’s in my DIY lip scrub 🙂 Good luck!




8 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Scrubs

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  2. I love this idea! I make my own body scrubs to save money and help with healing after pregnancy. I can’t wait to try this!

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