What’s Your Shade?

What’s your shade? I work in an office of which 70 percent of the people are women. So, I meet women with different styles and make up every day. I notice that, some of my colleagues tend to wear the same shades of lipstick (we all do, to be fair) but some do not even try to dare themselves with shades that is out of their comfort zone. You may be comfortable with one shade at all time but I think there are at least three shades of lipstick must have in your bag: red, pink, and nude.


In this post I would like to show you my favourite red, pink, and nude lipstick from my stash.



From all the red lipsticks I own, my favourite goes to this Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red. First of all, I love its formula. This liquid lipstick has a very creamy formula which means that one swipe goes on a very long way. The ‘stain’ makes this stays forever on your lips. Speaking of the color, this lipstick has the perfect bright red shade that would suit anyone regardless of their complexion or undertone. I only wear this red when I feel like looking bold, facing a serious meeting – they say people take you more seriously if you wear red – or when I feel flirtatious *blow you a kiss*.



There are tons of different pink lipstick out there from one that is nude to berry pink. On everyday basis, I myself is a more of a nude mauve but on most days you will see me at my best with a berry mauve pink shade. I find dark mauve, a sort of, toned down fuschia is my best friend. It adds colour to your face without being too ‘stand out’ like red can be sometimes and it pairs beautifully with pink blushers. For professionals, this bold yet effortless shade definitely shows that you ‘put effort’ to look good. My favourite liquid lipstick in dark mauve is The Balm Meet Matte Me Hughes lipstick in the shade Charming. It’s creamy, finished matte, but not drying. An alternative from this one is the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry which is super moisturising and is great to have on the go.




To be honest until today, I haven’t actually found my perfect nude lipstick. I mean, color-wise, my favorite is from a high-end local brand ESQA Cosmetics in Mauvy Nude. It’s not too pale, not too brown, and it doesn’t wash out of my face off the grid. However, in terms of formulation… ESQA is rather thick and sticky when applies, not to drying when it dries but it doesn’t last as long as I expected a liquid lipstick to be. Do you have any recommendations for a good nude lipstick for me? I am an NC40-42 in MAC 🙂


ESQA Mauvy Nude – The Balm Charming – Sephora Always Red

So, what do you think? I hope you find this post helpful and feel free to let me know ‘your shade’ and favorite lip products.






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