Cambodia Honeymoon: Okay Boutique Hotel

Peter and I went to Cambodia last summer to celebrate our new chapter in life as husband and wife. Our mini honeymoon was a weekend away in Ubud, Bali. This time, I’d like to give you a review of this place we stayed in Phnom Penh (PP), Okay Boutique Hotel. We always chuckled everytime we hear the name ‘Okay’, I mean… who the h*ll on earth would name their business ‘Okay’? Hahaha. Anyway, the Okay Boutique hotel facility and services were beyond its name.


A gorgeous front entrance! credit:


The lobby. (

The hotel is easily known by airport taxi drivers and is located just right at the centre of PP. You can walk your way to some of these places: Mekong riverside, National Museum, and the Royal Palace. The bar street is just right at the left corner for cheap Western meals and Dine in the Dark restaurant. The reason we chose this hotel is because from the photo in website, one of the side of the building is facing Cambodian royal palace. We so wished our balcony would be facing the palace but it didn’t (boo!)


Cambodian royal palace seen from the window fence of the restaurant. (

The Superior Room we booked was full when we arrived, so our stay was upgraded to the Premier Room. The room and the bathroom was rather large, and each room is designed in an authentic and traditional Cambodian wood carving: we felt so royals!


Our sweet room. (

Besides it beautiful design, and impeccable service, another thing I love is their restaurant, located on the highest floor is the swimming pool, and restaurant for breakfast buffet and a la carte lunch and dinner. Most times when the heat was boiling, Peter and I would find shelter in this restaurant drinking cold beers and eating spring rolls. We love spring rolls, so whenever we get the chance, we always order spring rolls – this hotel made the best spring rolls in town.



For any traveler in Southeast Asia, you would be familiar with tuk-tuk and Okay Boutique hotel has their own tuk-tuk service. The hotel  hired around six tuk-tuk drivers to work with them and they were given uniforms. This, in itself, is a great way to engage with new tourists like me. The tuk-tuk drivers from the hotel feels a lot safer, because you meet them everyday at the lobby and you trust their employer. They also offer pretty much the same rates as any other tuk-tuk you found out of the area or from the market.


The ceiling at the entrance lit with wooden chandeliers. (

I can’t recommend this place enough, and if I’d given a chance to go back to PP, I would really love to stay here again.


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