L’oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask



In this post, I would like to talk about one of my favourite mask, the L’oreal Clay Glow Mask. I first heard of this from Kaushal Beauty and as soon as I landed in Superdrug last Christmas, I went and bought this straight away. The L’oreal Clay Mask has three range so far: Purity Mask (white one – purify and mattify), Detox Mask (black one – detoxify and brighten), and Glow Mask (orange one – exfoliate and refine pores). I was going to get all three to try myself but my I had enough clay mask already on my stash.

I used this in turns with my Formula 10.0.6 Detox and the Pixi Glow Mud Mask. Comparatively to the Formula 10.0.6 and the Pixi one I find this L’oreal Clay Mask to be fairly milder to exfoliate. The L’oreal one also feels a little ‘scrubby’ (if you know what I mean?) because some clay mask, like Pixi, for example is just pure paint-like cream. One thing I notice though, this mask has a pretty strong scent which I like, but I know a lot of other people complain about. I use this at least once a week when I feel dull and in need for a deeper cleanse, I leave it as long as I could until its dry – probably around 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.


I normally wipe my mask off with damp cloth but for the case of L’oreal I’d prefer to massage it off of my face using my palms. It leaves my skin super soft and clean, with no feeling of tight-skin or pulled afterwards. So, do I recommend this mask? For anyone who’s used to with stronger/ harsher clay mask for exfoliate, you may not need this but this is really good anyone who wants a mild exfoliate mask that leaves you feeling clean and glowy. For anyone wth sensitive skin to alcohol/ fragrant product though, you should probably not touch this one.



In Indonesia you can purchase this mask here, and here’s a CosDNA analysis on this mask.


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