Favourite Youtube Channels


Every weekend or during any lazy days lounging in my bedroom with my tab, I would spend most of my time watching Youtube. Oh God, I love and hate this media platform because sometimes after hours of binge-watching my favourite channels, I feel so useless afterwards haha. Although, the beauty Youtubers surely gives me inspiration to play with my stash again.

So, here we go, a few Youtube channels I subscribe to and worth mentioning:


Lisa Eldridge

I discovered Lisa late, probably just about 6-8 months ago. She is a long time professional in the industry with A-listers clients, yet, she’s very humble and elegant when she talks. Also, besides packing and layering products on her face she always add a bit of tips here and there, and seriously I learned so so much from her. She also sometimes invites people to her studio like Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, even Charlotte Tilbury! Lisa shares beauty and skincare tips, her days at the Oscar or during a runway show, and always very open to using drugstore products too. A Youtuber I like which now I dislike and unsubscribe always use high-end products especially after she hits 1 million subscribers. Meh.


I found her last year when she only had 10,000-ish subscribers. I like her because she does a lot of ‘One Brand’ makeup tutorial like Essence, NYX, Primark, Lottie London, and other popular brands in the UK/Europe. Steph (her real name) also talks like your friend. I don’t like these people who try hard to be cute/sweet just because they’re doing a beauty channel. Cocochic gets more and more subscriber each day and she completely deserves it.


Yanis Marshall

There are many, many dance channel I subscribe to but if you know me, I love Yanis Marshall because he makes any songs to be sexy and I’d be damn if I could dance in heels like he does. Yanis Marshall and one of his student (and my absolute girl crush) Stevie Dore just landed on the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara ads. 

Iskra Lawrence

I previously wrote a body positivity post with Iskra Lawrence, so when she made a Youtube channel I hit subscribed right away. She has a very nice, and bubbly personality when she talks and most of her channel speaks about Body Positivity, but there are some beauty tricks like how to dye your own brows if you’re a blonde like her.



I don’t cook, not much, but when I do it tastes good 🙂 The husband subscribes to a lot of cooking channels but this one I love because they’re just funny to watch no matter what they make. Sortedfood is a cooking channel, initiated by four British blokes who were fed up with microwave food and wanted to learn how to cook. Sometimes, on a bad day, or just when I had been going through terrible traffic in the morning to work… watching these four together cooking and mocking each other really made me happy again.

Who are your favourites Youtubers? I am open for recommendations 🙂


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