Romantic Stay at Bayad Ubud Villa

It’s almost the end of February, Pete and I are thinking about going somewhere for the possible future three-day weekends. We’re planning to either go to Bali (–again–I know! I love Ubud very much) or…any ideas, my fellow Indonesians? Before coming into a conclusion of where to go, I would like to give you a short review on the hotel we stayed for our honeymoon weekend in Ubud in February last year.


As I stated in my previous post before, Ubud Centre (Jalan Monkey Forest) is probably your best bet to sleep at, since it’s close to just about everywhere. Then, I got smitten on this Bayad Ubud Villa when I was browsing through a travel booking website. We arrived in Bali in the dark, we probably landed at about 08:30 pm and arrived at the hotel at almost 10:00 pm.


The hotel was quiet, and to my surprise… each room has its own garden at the front. Judging from the picture, I only expected a small terrace – not a whole veranda to yourself and its own garden, tiny pond, and stepping stones. Fancy, me!


Next to our bed is a giant window looking into the bath tub in our semi-outdoor bathroom (sounds nice, but you’ll see why later I’d prefer a normal bathroom)

The room is rather spacious and there is a small dining table for two at the corner for guests to have their breakfast. The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant/breakfast area – you are semi-forced to have it in your room which is kind of sweet for romantic travelers.


Unfortunately, the hotel turned out to be quite far from the centre – at least for my standard – and the street are quite small for bikes and cars already that, I don’t think you have enough space for pedestrians to walk comfortably (and safely). Fortunately, the hotel provides a free shuttle service to Ubud centre two times a day. They dropped us to the centre at 10:00 AM and left us like a lost child wandering around, chilling, eating and drinking and picked us up again at the same spot to go back to the hotel at 06:00 PM. Just like going to school!

Unluckily on that first day of our honeymoon, I had an ‘unwanted guest’ coming which meant that my back was in pain af. In an attempt to make my back feel better, Pete decided to prepare the hot water in the tub. Then the fun began… as we were waiting patiently for the water from the tap to desperately fill up this giantnormous tub – the sky started pouring down and our tub was mixed with rain water. Refreshing? Not when you were dying for some hot relaxing tub. The rain stayed for a while so we gave up. And guess what? As we were trying to go to sleep, we discovered a company in the garden: a baby frog with the loudest croak on earth. I fell asleep nonetheless but Pete spent the night sleepless with a burning desire to shoot the frog. Now you know why an outdoor bathroom is not always a good idea 🙂


Meet Kermit.

All in all, our stay in this Bayad Ubud Villa was pretty great and beside the lack of hot water and the frog croaking all night, I’d actually come back here. It’s secluded, perfectly hidden behind the busy streets and for the price (we paid IDR 450,000/night) it’s a winner!

PS: This post is not at all sponsored ( I wish it was haha!). It is all written purely based for me to share 🙂 All photos were taken from


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