Brands for Thought: Rosie for Autograph

When I was browsing the Marks and Spencer website for to search for Christmas gifts for the husband and families, I couldn’t help myself but to look at the makeup section. I then found the Rosie Makeup, or if you want the complete name: Rosie for Autograph makeup. First glance: gorgeous packaging! And as I browsed further, each product cost between £10-18, which, considering the low exchange rate-they’re not that bad, really. I then decided to purchase some online, and had the mother in law collect them in the shop for me prior to my arrival.


In short, I got myself the, Rosie for Autograph Amazing Radiance Cream, two lipsticks in shade Lady Rose and Super Model Kiss, and Eyeshadow Palette in Copper Gold Rush. During my purchase, Marks and Spencer had a promo of spend £50 and get one 35 ml Rosie for Autograph perfume.

First Impressions

The Amazing Radiance Cream


This cream is supposed to act like a primer that you can wear under foundation or just by itself. Judging by the name, I think Rosie tried to create something similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer. To be fair, I’ve never tried any of Charlotte Tilbury’s products because of how pricey they are. Rosie’s Amazing Radiance Cream applies nicely on the skin, with no color casts, and gives a plump-ey feel to the face while giving a bit of glow to it. I’d happily wear them everyday just by itself. However, as how a primer works, it doesn’t keep oils away of my face and the staying power of my makeup remains the same – with – or without this cream. It has an SPF 6 though, which is great for creating a great canvas for night makeup.

Rosie for Autograph Lipsticks


Speaking of makeup, lipsticks are my favourite products because they come in so many colours, they are easy to apply, and they are very easy to play around with. I am actually quite surprised that Rosie did not release any liquid lipstick, but again, this makeup line should reflects her own makeup style which is very natural, almost a-no-makeup-makeup-look. The lipstick comes with a magnetic lid, keeping your lipstick safe from running everywhere, staining the lining of your handbag/pouch.

The shade Lady Rose is claimed to be Rosie’s shade, it’s a cool tone pink mauve – way different than what it looks on the website (it always does!) It actually applies pretty sheer on the lips, I actually like lipsticks to be super opaque that can covers my actual lip color so I am not a fan of this one… but it’s nice to have and great for a touch up on the go for a natural makeup day.


The shade Super Model Kiss is a warm – bright red, which I think would suit any skintones, and you know, you can’t go wrong with reds.

Eyeshadow palette in Copper Gold Rush



Rosie’s eyeshadow palette is my favourite product in the line. I heard the eyeshadow sticks are brilliant, too. This palette is the BOMB. Each shade is super pigmented, applies beautifully without a base, stays forever on the lid, and my GOD the colours in this palette is just amazing. All Rosie’s eyeshadows are very neutral and is good for everyday wear, I was having a hard time picking one, but I couldn’t miss that burgundy shade in this one. The packaging comes with a nicely placed mirror and just feel very sturdy. You also get a pretty decent amount of product for £18.



Overall, I am happy with the products and they are actually worth buying. The packaging are super beautiful and feels pretty sturdy. They’re also makes a nice gift because the line falls in a middle-range product — they’re not as expensive as high-end products but doesn’t feel cheap as some drugstore products would.

Anyway, have a merry Christmas, beautiful people!

xoxo, S~

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