BB or CC Cream? L.A. Girl vs. Bourjois

When it comes to daily makeup, every morning I only have 20 minutes to do everything from skincare to draw a perfect pair of brows. For working mom with kids, or just a lazy morning, or if you’re like me who actually waits for my skincare to sink in… a multi-tasking cream is a God’s blessing. They comes in different names, BB creams, CC dreams, DD creams, and I have been loving using the first two.


My first BB cream was from Etude, their darkest shade is two tone lighter than my skin tone. Thanks, Koreans! You simply forget women with darker colors exist. These days, BB creams – or beauty balms has reached American market and American cosmetic start to make their own. With so many good reviews, I braved myself to purchase the L.A Girl Pro HD BB Cream in shade Medium-Deep. When it comes to foundation, especially buying online, I believe to buy a (maybe) darker shade than lighter. Once you applied a liquid product that is too light all over your face, soon enough it becomes a disaster. Remember, ladies! People do not only see your face but your neck, sometimes shoulder, and your hands.


The BB creams blends well with the skin it does feel a little moisturizing so it’s a really good beauty-on-the-go product when you are rushing or just traveling light. It also sets amazingly on my combination skin without powder, which I find pretty amazing for a super affordable drugstore BB cream.

Shade is a tad too dark (still look good when applies lightly) and the fragrance-free formula makes this cream smells a hell-a-lot-like medicine. So chemical-y!

CC Cream or color correcting cream supposed to provide a sheerer coverage than BB cream (not that I notice this) and its main job is to give an even skin tone on the face-as the name goes-color correcting, so it corrects all the (supposedly) ‘incorrect’ color on your face. My first encounter with CC cream was at the Etude counter, their CC cream works more like a primer than anything. But then, people…. on my visit to Sephora Black Friday sale, I found this Bourjois CC Cream in Bronze (no 34), most Bourjois counter only sells no. 32 or 33. So when I tried it on my jawline at the counter, I bought them straight away.


I have been using the Bourjois CC Cream everyday for a week now, the coverage is there but not there which I like. It actually color correct as in smoothen my dark circles and makes my acne scars or red bits on my face become less-red, if you know what I mean. Oh, have you ever smelled Bourjois compact powder that smells like roses? This one does too, oh so heavenly! The CC Cream also has an SPF 15, which is pretty decent.

The texture is super liquid-y, super runny, so you’ll have to be careful when you squeeze your tube and when you leave them at the back of your hand for applying. And because of this very runny texture, it is best to be applied with fingers because foundation brush or beauty blender will absorbs too much products. You also need to set this with powder unless so you won’t turned into a grease ball after a few hours.


Now.. if I have to pick one between the two for me to take with when traveling I’ll pick the L.A Girl Pro HD BB Creams, mostly because the texture is a bit creamier than the other, which applies well with both fingers and beauty blender. It also doesn’t need so much powder to set and my makeup pouch is more likely to stay clean because the product won’t run so far around.

What are your everyday makeup routine? Do you love using BB or CC creams? 🙂


6 thoughts on “BB or CC Cream? L.A. Girl vs. Bourjois

  1. Kebetulan nih mba, aku lagi penasaran sama CC Cream, BB Cream sama DD Cream, tapi belom berani beli soalnya kulitku lgi jerawatan labil (bentar2 tumbuh banyak, bentar2 ilang sendiri).. jadi bingung mau pake yg mana :/ #MaafkanTetibaCurhat heheh

    • Hahaha aku denger DD cream wardah bagus sih, cuma blm coba aja..😆 kalo lg jerawatan rajinin scrub aja yg rutin seminggu 3x hihi tp jangan keseringan nanti malah rusak kulitnyaaaa.. apa pake Hada Labo yg sabun mild peeling AHA BHA jg bagusss.. beli yg trial size dulu aja 😀

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