In the Balm of Your Hand Vol.1 Palette

Since the holiday is coming, I guess it’s fair to give you this long overdue review on The Balm ‘In The Balm of Your Hands’ Palette vol.1 (where’s the vol.2?) so, The Balm released this all in one palette for Christmas 2015, I kind of expect the brand to come up with vol.2 this year but it’s almost December and come on The Balm… where’s your new holiday palette? πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’ve come across a few palettes in the past and while most holiday palette comes with rarely used or poorly pigmented products, The Balm doesn’t. This palette is not only good for travelling but also good for people like me, who wants to have every little bit of The Balm greatest product without spending too much. In this palette you get: 3 blushers, 1 bronzer/ contour powder, 4 amazingly pigmented shadows, 1 highlighter, 1 lip and cheek cream in nude, and 1 red lipstick. How amazing is that?

Without further ado, here are some swatches that’ll make you swoon!

Onto the face…



  • Hot Mama blusher has some shimmer to it and will look best on fair skin.
  • I personally love using Cabana Boy for my medium complexion, or mix the Cabana Boy and Hot Mama together when I want a bit of glow.
  • Instain Argyle does stay forever on your cheek but it’s a little too light for my skin tone.
  • Bahama Mama is great for contouring, but looks a little too ashy when applied all over the face for a sunkissed-look.

Onto eyeshadows….



  • Shady lady-insane jane: is a silver-y, shimmer taupe shadow that is great for making a smoky eye look, I can see me wearing this shade alone on the lid for an easy-5-minutes smoky look and blend the edges to the crease. In this picture below, I am using Insane Jane all over the lid, with a black shadow by Makeup Revolution for the outer corner:


  • Shady lady-mischievious marissa: is a beautiful shimmery gold shadow; my favourite in the palette. It’s great to be worn alone and it will suit any skin tone. Dab a little onto the lid and it will open up your eyes instantly. In this picture below, I am using Mischievious Marissa all over the lid, and Nude Tude Sexy on the outer corner:


  • The Balm Jovi-lead zeppelin: this is a green-ish taupe shadow which I think will complement dark skin tone very well, yet, I haven’t had the chance to use it. I’d say this will look good with either gold or probably dark grey matte shadow for a smoky look.
  • Mary-lou manizer: technically the brand sells this as a highlighter, but this is an amazing shade for the inner corner. I’d say as a highlighter, this will looks best on fair skin and olive skin, a darker skin tone might want to look for a little rose/ brown-ish highlighter to complement the face.

All in all, these eyeshadows are to die for. I am impressed with the pigmentation and quality, and I wish they have a more ‘normal-looking-packaging’ palette for eyeshadow to travel with. I find their palette to be a little bulky for my makeup pouch.

Onto the lips



I would be honest with you here, The Balm Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipstick are my favourite, but these two are ‘alright’ to have and very useful additions to the palette. The caramel is a nice nude – a kind of my-lips-but-better color and the red lipstick has some blue undertone to it which I think will suits most people, at all ages.

Onto my face

In this look, I am using the shadows, the contour, and hot mama blusher as highlighter. On my lips is The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Adoring – a dark red with blue undertone. For a bright red with peach undertone you can go with the shade ‘Loyal’ in the same line πŸ™‚


Christmas eve makeup, anyone?

I am very happy with this palette, and the quality is amazing for what it’s worth. Do you have an all-in-one palette that you love? Please let me know xxx



4 thoughts on “In the Balm of Your Hand Vol.1 Palette

  1. mbaa aku suka perpaduan kulitnyaa, sama make-up nyaa hehehe… seksi seksii gimana gitu beteweh yang warna shady lady misius apalah itu, susah dieja yaa πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (aku aja kali ya :/ )

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