Sensatia Botanicals: Serum Review

Hello, there! Hate me much? Life is full of unexpected things, like when I thought I could write you some more posts… work gave me a 500-pages report on boring subject to proofread. Or, when you thought your work is done, another work required you to write 10 stories in a week.

My life was hell-ish last week. The good news here is, last week was Peter’s 26th birthday (surprised much) yes, we are both still very young ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I am going to give you my thoughts on my last purchase from Sensatia Botanicals during my business trip to Bali. I bought two lipbalms, which I love, and eye and face serums.


The first serum I had was the It’s Skin Power 10 Propolis serum, which was pretty god, but not that special. So I’ll cut it short to the product review now:

Sensatia Kakadu Plum and Argan Botanical Eye Serum

This is my first eye serum, the serum is lotion-like serum (not clear) and it comes in a tiny tube. The lid of the tube is easy to open but for me, is a homework to close. Kakadu Plum is Australian fruit with rich Vitamin C and is a very good anti-oxidants ingredient.

I have been using this serum daily every night before sleep and despite little effect on my dark circles, which I’ve have since I was a kid, it does help shrink my eye bags. At the time of purchase, it cost IDR 168,000 but now if you check at Sensatia’s website, it cost IDR 180,000. I do believe though, if this serum is paired with good eye cream, it will makes a great eye treatment.

Sensatia Facial-C Serum Oily Combo Skin

Sensatia offers two types of serum-ey product, one is this lotion serum packed in plastic pump bottle and the other one is a more oil-type serum packed in small glass bottle with pipette. I actually think an oil serum will works more effective than the lotion one, but at the time of purchase, I was concerned about traveling with what seemed to be a very thin glass bottle. I also tried both serums on both side of my face and let it absorbed before finally decide to choose this lotion one.

This lotion-serum is surprisingly, looks and feels similar to the eye serum. Both are pale yellow in color, and smells a bit like raw plants. Both products are using Kakadu Plum as prime ingredients for source of Vitamin C. I do wonder if one facial-C serum can be used for both eye and face due to its similarities. So far, I found it useful for spot treatment. Whenever I got a pre-menstrual acne, I prefer to treat them either with my Missha FTE or with this serum. I don’t know how, but it actually works to ease the irritation. I mostly use this at night, and am currently looking for a morning serum (suggestions, anyone?)

Final Thoughts

Sensatia products claim to be made from all-naturals ingredients and if I may guess, these natural ingredients are what make the color yellow-greenish and the smells like herbal medicine. I have been using these two products for over a month and they don’t cause any breakouts and I feel like the face serum actually calms my face at night. I might repurchase the face-serum one.

The two lip balms I bought were merely there to replace my first Sensatia Cocoa and Honey Lip Bliss, this time I purchased the Botanical Lip Protection for myself ย (it’s very mint-ey on the lips), and the Lemonheadย lip smack as a souvenir for my dear friend.

So far, with the price tags and natural ingredients, I am a happy Sensatia-user and am always excited for a new product from Sensatia. Sensatia also offers worldwide shipping, I once shipped a lip balm for a friend’s birthday in the UK and it went pretty smooth.

The views I have on these products are genuinely my own, not sponsored (I wish!)

My future post will talk about my current HG eyeliner and it will be written in Indonesian since it’s only available in the country so far. We’ll see!

much love,





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