Singapore Rush

Singapore. The cleanliness, the ignorant locals (Indonesians are very nosy by the way – it’s nice being ignored at times) and the convenience. I wish Indonesia has MRT to go everywhere, it’s so convenient. Singapore also has decent sidewalks, Peter and I sometimes just walk around the city without exact directions or just watching people.


My frequent stop in Singapore will be Chinatown where I can buy small goodies as an ‘oleh-oleh’ for myself while Peter sit and chill drinking Tiger beer watching football. It is such an easy day. The other places to go would be Little India to eat huge-and-cheap Indian curry.


I have never purposely gone to Singapore for holiday, it was always a transit. The longest time I walked around Singapore would be 36 hours for the husband’s visa dash. I actually stayed longer once when I was 13 when my mom had a surgery to remove her colon cancer.

This year, having only two overseas trips with no stops in Singapore made me miss it a little bit. I am actually thinking of going back there for a weekend. Have you been to Singapore? I’d love to hear your recommendations of places to visit in Singapore so please please do let me know!

Much love,



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