Buying Makeup: Save or Splurge?

When it comes to makeup, in my case.. most of the makeup I have are impulse buy (whoops!) but now that I start to realise on how important to take care of your skin is, I have managed to lower down my desire to buy so many makeups and invest on good skincare instead. However, I have been eye-ing the Lorac Pro Palette because on how versatile and great they are. My point is, from all makeup, which one would you rather spend.. and which one you’d rather save? Here’s my take on save or splurge.



Splurge. Why? I am having such difficulties in finding the right shade since most of drugstore products (at least the ones available in the market here) have such a limited range of shades. I haven’t found any great foundation (yet) but foundation is the most important base for your makeup and trust me, I had been in those sh*t days when my foundation melted all over my face and made me look so ashy by the end of the day. Also, once you find your ‘perfect match’ you won’t have to buy more because they last like forever, especially if you’re like me, I wear them ocassionally and mostly mix them with my moisturizer for a sort-of DIY tinted moisturizer.


Splurge and save. Again, the base is so important and some drugstore primer are good but some tend to leave white cast or end up so drying at the end of the day. If you found cheap primers that work wonder on your skin, go for it.


Save. I am referring to eyeliners and lipliners here. I have tried both high end and drugstore products but come on, people, they are just liners. Who cares? Even Maybelline has some amazing gel eye liners that would make the perfect wing, and even the hardest pencil eyeliner would glides easily if you put a lighter to it… so why bother?



Save. The most expensive lipstick I have in my drawer is a famous liquid lipstick and believe me they dry my lips just as much as the cheap ones. Especially on ocassion when you’ll be eating, don’t bother using high end lipstick in a hope that it stays forever because it won’t. Always carry one lipstick around with you and re-apply after your meal. Although, I would still buy ones from reputable brand just to make sure it has the right and safe ingredients for your lips. Most of cosmetic brands today come with such a wide range of shades that you’ll love.



Save and splurge. For blush, it is nice to have a range of shades from pink to coral. Investing yourself in one good blusher with great pigmentation and friendly ingredients is quite nice. Revlon and Milani does some amazing blush, but The Balm make some beautiful blush that last forever on your cheek with such a skin-friendly ingredients.



Save and splurge. You might want to play with colors before you actually get your favourites, but the most important about eyeshadow is as long as the color swatches as good as it looks on the pan, you’re good to go. If one doesn’t swatch well or too powdery and falling out madly… never even bother.


Definitely SAVE. Of course there are so many high end brands promising this and that, and they come in such a lovely (read: luxurious) package. BUT, mascara is something you want to bin quickly because they dry out easily and never-ever apply old mascara to your lashes. Love your eyes and don’t betray them with old-yuck-mascara that can cause irritation and everything. Trust me, I’ve been there, my eyes were hurting for about a week with regular eyedrops treatment. And I hate eyedrops.


Save. Today we have been so overwhelmed with the so-called eyebrow powder/ pomade. I hate the way it looks, I personally think it creates a taped/ painted look. I only uses drugstore pencils and if needed: eyeshadow. (This one is a complete honest personal opinion)

So, what would you rather spend on? and save? Let me know what you think!



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