Rollover Reaction #Sueded!

Hello there beautiful people. I was away with family in Bandung last weekend so here I am, attempting to write a new post for you. I am going to share my thoughts on liquid lipstick from Indonesian local brand: Rollover Reaction; I swear to God their name is good enough to get your tongue twisted.
This liquid lip and cheek color comes in nude-ish colors, and travel-friendly packaging. Sleek, simple, and sturdy. It reminds me of the ‘Sleek Matte Me’ packaging.
I got my first Rollover Reaction one in Lucy. I have never had orange lipstick because most of the time it will be too bright for my medium complexion and I will look like a clown. This one though, not so much and since it advertised itself as a ‘lip and cheek color’, Lucy is a pretty coral blush which matched beautifully on my cheek resulting in a natural blushed face.
My other Rollover Reaction comes in their most-selling shade ‘Saddie’, which I think is a great dupe for Stila Patina without drying your lips or draining your bank account. The color suits my skin tone, giving me a romantic pink lip, perfect for a date on a sunny day. When applied on the cheek though, it’s very pink, almost like berry-colored blush which still suits me. However for blush, I always prefer coral-tone to pink ones.

patina – saddie – lucy

Both of these shades smell like vanilla cupcake, and it gives your lips a matte finish with such a velvet-ey feels. The brand also claims itself as a ‘cruelty free and paraben free lipstick’ which good to know. Indonesian brand has gone better and better these days.
Other prominent Indonesian brands which have been here for a long time like Sariayu and Mustika Ratu are affiliated with ‘old ladies’ due to its packaging and its range of shades. Today, with more young people involve in the new business, their capability on reading the market and following the trend are better.
Another recent local liquid lipstick is Polkabeauty which I heard is pretty good but more expensive and a dry your lips worse than this one. So far, I am happy with Rollover Reaction products and I am curious to know what else they have in mind for their next line. Rollover Reaction can be purchased on their website or on
Much love,

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