Lazy Day Guide in Ubud

Everyone everywhere heard about Bali and its beaches, however, Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, and Love introduced the world to the beauty of Ubud, Central Bali. I have been to Bali quite a few times, and my favourite stop will always be Ubud. In welcoming the weekend, or in a chance that you are going to Bali, in Bali, or wanting to go Bali… here is a guide for having the perfect lazy strolls in Ubud.

Start your day by enjoying the hotel’s breakfast. Trust me, even the cheapest hotel would still come with free breakfast, at the very least, a cup of coffee or tea with banana pancakes. They seem to love banana pancakes so much.

Monkey Forest
After your breakfast, go visit the Monkey Forest. Morning time like this is a perfect time to visit, you can simply just walk around and enjoy the nice morning breeze whispering through the trees. Of course you will see monkeys everywhere, but make sure to visit the riverside and take time to relax.

Kebun Bistro

For a great brunch experience, visit this famous little cafe on Jalan Hanoman just a 10-minute walk from the Monkey Forest and treat yourself with their breakfast pizza or fluffly pancakes. The bistro is unique, beautiful to look at, and food here are reasonably priced. Beers are ice cold too.


Sang Spa

I did say ‘lazy’ earlier, right? While in Ubud, pampered yourself with traditional Balinese massage. When you walk through the area, there will be a lot of people offering you ‘massage?’ with affordable price, other spa parlours with sky-high price are around too. But Sang Spa offers an authentic 60-minutes traditional Balinese massage for IDR 150,000 or US$ 12. They also have rooms for two, if you would like a double massage with your travel partner.


Kopi Bali House
By the time you finish your spa session, it will be too early for dinner so why not go to Kopi Bali House? Have a sit and read your favourite book or nibble on something small and order yourself some ice latte. I am a green-tea-kind-of-girl so I’d normally get one or two ice green tea frappuccino. FYI, their pizza is amazing too so if you won’t mind eating at this time, order one!

Visit Ubud Market
Visit the market to get to know the locals better, and bring home some beautiful songket fabrics, or cheap Bintang totebags. The price in Ubud Market will be slightly higher than other market in Bali, but if it helps the local’s business, why not?

Watch the Kecak Fire Dance
Bali is known for kecak fire dance. If you never seen one, it is definitely worth watching. I have watched this twice, one in Ubud, and one in Uluwatu temple where they performed on top of a cliff, with the sun setting nicely at the back. But if you stop in Ubud and don’t bother to travel far, do watch one here.

Eat Nasi Campur in The Pond
There are a lot of restaurants serving Indonesian food, but for dinner, The Pond is a personal favourite to me. The price is very reasonable, the food is always great, and servers are super friendly. One time I got a discount for dinner because they counted me as a ‘regular’.

So, yeah, there it is. My guide for a lazy stroll in Ubud. If you stay in other part of Bali, you can come to Ubud for a day trip and do all of these.

Happy weekend!



*all views here are honest based on personal experience and this is NOT a sponsored post by anyone, I just love the place so much!*


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