Postcards from: Hanoi Old Quarter

Back in 2014, Peter and I went to Viet Nam for our third trip. In a mission to get to Ha Long Bay, we stopped in Hanoi and two years gone, my heart is still longing for our little strolls throughout the city.

We went in March, it was a typical winter for Viet Nam so everywhere was quite cold, at least for my tropical-self. We stayed at Serendipity Hotel in the Old Quarter which we booked through The receptionist was a super friendly and helpful man who smiles all the time. He offered us a few ‘one day  tour’, one which took us to Ha Long Bay.

We arrived in Hanoi at night time, and our first meal was the popular Vietnamese Pho Noodle. A bowl of hot-steamy-yummy noodle soup with a bottle of ice cold beer, eaten on a stool on the side of the street. You can’t be anymore Southeast Asian than this, I don’t think.


If there is one word to describe Hanoi: it’s charming. Despite the chaotic traffic and ignorant motorbike drivers, you can walk your way throughout the city. Most of the streets here are small, one street will lead you to another. Coming from Jakarta, being able to simply walk everywhere surrounded by plenty of trees was a luxury. In particular, the Old Quarter, is filled with old French buildings that showcases the past when France colonised the country.

The centre of attention of the Old Quarter would be the Hoan Kiem Lake, this serene, calm, and misty lake brought peaceful feeling to the entire Old Quarter.

There are, of course, many more stories in this trip but I’d rather share these beautiful pictures through my lense, in hoping that one of you would make Hanoi as your next destination.





11 thoughts on “Postcards from: Hanoi Old Quarter

    • The best thing about Vietnam is, they’re cheap. And thanks fr the link, I just recently subscribed myself to 101 East. Do you watch Top Gear? I do watch their specials and the Vietnam episode is pretty epic. I really hope you can get there one day x

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