Blend in with Nature: Bukit Cikahuripan Resort

Hi, there! After having a super lazy weekend away from any forms of technology… I finally get to open my blog again in this beautiful Monday. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I went away to Bandung for a girly weekend two weeks ago. I guess it’s time to tell you about our fantastic found for sleep in Lembang. Seriously, I can’t wait to come back here with Peter for a romantic escape *blush*

After a long search of accommodations, and browsing to several websites because none of us know anything about Bandung 🙂 I found this Bukit Cikahuripan Resort on One thing attracted me the most at that time was, the room is equipped with four single beds.I thought, after a long day and an early train journey, at least I will be able to have the bed to myself.

The hotel was quite tricky to find, even our driver who was pretty familiar with the area seems to get confused. So, Google maps to the rescue… and the map lead us to go through some small roads over a couple of villages, sometimes with a bad road condition, at other  times, winding and steep hike up and down. Oh dear Lord, this is not something I wanted to go through with one pregnant friend by my side.

It took probably about 15-20 minutes to get here from the main road. And I tell you what people, this place is worth the journey.

Our room pretty much looked like this:



I won’t forget to mention that, besides having four beds, our room was equipped with two clean and nice bathrooms and 12 electric sockets. The balcony is facing the hills outside, what a soothing view for our tired eyes.


We woke up for breakfast to a view like this:


Breakfast menu are limited to Indonesian nasi goreng and bubur ayam with complementary fresh milk. We ordered both to share between us and ended up giving my milk to a pregnant kitty at the lobby. Anyway, my stay at Bukit Cikahuripan Resort was pleasant, peaceful, and I would definitely, definitely come back to this hotel again when I visit Lembang.



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.



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