June Skincare Wishlist

June Skincare Wishlist


This month is approaching its end already, how time flies. There are so many things in my head I need to write for this blog, from beauty reviews to personal ramblings but work has been so demanding and my long days at the gym has soaked my energy all up. So, instead of leaving you with empty walls… here is a wishlist of skincare products I wish I can get next month.

  1. Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule
  2. Shu uemura face care
  3. Face cleanser
  4. Nuxe eye care
  5. The Body Shop Oils of Life
  6. Hada Labo Gyokujun Lotion
  7. Lancôme liquid foundation


2 thoughts on “June Skincare Wishlist

    • Itu lotion mba non, aku belum pernah pake sih tapi katanya abis cuci muka pake ini sebagai pengganti toner buat first step sebelum pk moisturizer gitu.. penting ga penting kayaknya tp karena affordable jadi pengen nyoba aja ^,^

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