My first Althea Box

I have gone through my WordPress reader and just read about a post partum depression of a mother after having her second baby. It was negative and dark and no… I did not want to read further because as much as I dread about having children, reading posts like that would make it worse.

Anyway… think happy thoughts! My happy thoughts took me back to last week when I received my Althea package, just 7 days after I ordered — directly from South Korea. Before I review each of this product further, let me share you what’s on my first purchase:

Missha First Treatment Essence Intensive

I have read so many good reviews about this everywhere, and the price was
reasonably reasonable; so why not try this out. It definitely moisturizing.


It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis Serum

If you are into Korean skincare, you must have heard of It’s Skin and its Power 10 serum. It’s Skin has 11 different serums in Power 10 series and 2 limited edition ones, with one being the Propolis. Althea’s description said this one is good to protect skin from harmful environment and my commute to work involving being at the back of an ojek, breath in polluted-air and choked by smokes from vehicles’ exhaust made me decided to buy this one. We’ll see what it does.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist

I ran out of my Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray and this one was so cheap I couldn’t resist on buying one. I stored them next to my keyboard at the office to hydrate my dry skin over the freezing cold office cubes.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

I have read so many good reviews on Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask, before I purchase the full size one, I am going to give it a try to see if it really worth spending.

Missha The Style 4D  Mascara

It’s Missha. It costs IDR 37,400 and it comes in a really long and slim tube, so why not try one?

(Freebies) Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Mask

Because it was free, surely. 🙂


I will be trying out some of these products and will let you know whether or not it works on my skin. So far I have used most of them. I applied the Missha FTE and Propolis serum religiously everyday for morning and night in the last 5 days, I have tried the 4d mascara, and the Pink Fruity mask. Kindly share your thoughts on Korean beauty, and let me know if you have any favourites!






2 thoughts on “My first Althea Box

  1. About the postpartum depression….it could be dark, but not everyone has to go through that dear. I know usually your OB or the child pediatrician will screen you for that, and there is help available. I am grateful that I didn’t have to go through that, but being a stay at home mom it gets lonely at times 🙂

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