The All Comforting, Meatball Sub.

Sunday kitchen: the husband made amazing meatball sub.

Bule Kitchen

Wow! It has been a hell of week, very busy! I managed to screw up my toe at the start of the week, and I’ve been limping ever since. I’ve also been busy working on various projects, and my team, Liverpool, managed to lose the UEFA Cup, badly. So it has been a hell of a week, and this is why I’ve not been too active.

That being said, I have been busy cooking this week, and I’ve been trying out a number of new recipes which will be coming your way some day soon. Two of my culinary highlights this week, would have to be rendang, and butter chicken curry, both big favourites of mine. However, I’ve decided today maybe the best time to bring in my first Western Recipe.

That has to be a Meatball Sub, which is one of my ultimate comfort foods. It brings me back…

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