Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

So I have heard so many good stuff about this sleeping mask and in a search of a good night skincare; when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said ‘Please buy me a travel size of Laneige Sleeping Mask because I don’t want to spend a lot for something that might not even suit me,’ So here I am expressing my love-hate relationship with it after using it for a month.



First impression

The cream has this slightly ‘cooling’ sensation to it. The texture is quite nice, it is more of a thick gel-like cream and does not feel greasy. My first ever night cream was the L’oreal Revitalift Night Cream, and the reason why I stopped using them is the overpowering fragrance in it.

When I first open the jar, I did notice quite a strong fragrance in this sleeping mask. However, since one of the instruction says ‘smell the product for 3 seconds’ to relax you down, I guess the fragrance was there for a relaxing effect.

I applied a little amount on every part of my face: cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and neck. It glides so nicely on the face like butter on bread, but it took a while to absorb and it left my skin feeling a little oily afterwards. I had to spray my Avene thermal spring water spray to get rid of the icky-ness before bed.


The next morning 



Despite not waking up to looking as pretty as Laneige’s spokeperson, the Korean actress Song Hye Kyo, I found my face feeling more supple in the morning. Although, the supple-ness felt rather sticky too. I washed my face and apply sunscreen and moisturizer following my usual AM routine. Then, when I arrived at work, I notice small bump coming out of the tip of nose! I had never ever had any bump in there before.

After one month 

This sleeping mask doesn’t promise brighter face or anti-aging effect because it mostly offers extra moisture to your skin, especially when you sleep in AC room. I have been using this sparingly between once to maximum twice a week, and yet I still get small white bumps on my face *sobs*


I have quite a sensitive skin and I think the fragrance in this that fails me. It can also be other active ingredients in here, or my face purging due to change on my skincare. As much as I try to love this, I really can’t. So it is safe to say that I won’t repurchase this.

Surprisingly, though, I just purchased this Hada Labo night cream which I found very similar in texture, color, moisturizing, but is fragrance-free and cost a fraction to what Laneige sleeping mask. I am curious to try other sleeping mask though, like this Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pact or this Tony Moly Panda Dream Sleeping Pact.

Do you own this Laneige Sleeping Mask? Or any of Korean sleeping mask? Tell me your thoughts,  and let me know if you have any good suggestion for my sensitive, acne prone skin.

Much love, xoxo



11 thoughts on “Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

  1. aku pake tapi punyaku yg water sleeping pack, itu sama gk sih?hehe
    awal2 pake itu pas bangus tidur muka jadi kenyal2 gitu suka deh, tapi makin kesini kok udah gak ya, gak tau juga kenapa,hehe

    • Iyah sama cuma sleeping mask lebih baru aja packaging dan formulanya katanya.. Mirip2 sih.. Tp memang skincare emang efeknya di awal2 kan udahannya kulit kita terbiasa gitu ga sih..

  2. this is actually one of my favorite masks. sudah pernah coba yang Etude House collagen sleeping pack belum? Itu bagus juga sih mungkin lebih cocok :))

    • Belum 🙂 anyway, Etude sama Laneige kan sepabrikan ya haha, si Etude itu ada fragrance-nya kah? Aku takut sama yang wangi-wangi, kalau memang itu gak berbau mungkin aku berani coba yang itu.. thanks for visiting btw! x

    • Coconut oil disini modelnya minyak beneran gitu gak ada yang seperti aku liat di beauty vlogger yang creamy hehehe.. aku masih researching, but thanks Clinique akan aku jadikan bahan riset juga 🙂

      • A duh kalau kalau pakai minyan kelapa yang fair gitu bias dripping donk lol….I am using the overnight mask by Clinique. I got a sample of it while buying something, and I found out it works for me. Another thing that I’d like to try is “oil of life” (sorry can’t really remember it well), it’s from TBS.

      • Hahaha iya kalau pakai minyakan beneran belepotan 🙂 and yes! I have been eye-ing oil of life nya TBS.. so far TBS works fine (not wonder) di aku, lihat lah nanti kalau udah ketemu yang cocok banget baru aku review di sini *fingerscrossed*

  3. Baru beberapa hari lalu ke counternya dan ditawarin ini tp belon sempet beli karena ragu2.
    Kalau Hada Labo ada mending coba HL kayaknya ya.
    Harganya lbh murah kan ya biasanya

    • Kalo ragu-ragu, beli yang travel sizenya dulu aja, memang itu katanya produk best seller mereka sih, siapatau cocok juga di dirimu. HL iya lebih murah, 55rb kemarin ini aku beli, tekstur dan feel-nya sama persis sama aku, hanya minus fragrance-nya. Silakan dicoba dulu aja 🙂

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