to whatever the future holds…

I had a meaningful conversation with my fellow istri bule the other day. She is currently worried, about her future, about her husband, about work, about everything. Clearly, with Indonesian immigration getting stricter, it’s not as easy anymore for foreigner to stay and work safely here. Fortunately for me, the husband is currently safe — legal-wise.

Then my fellow asked me this, ‘Are you always ready to move around?’, to which I replied to her, ‘I guess you would have to’. There are many things in life that, when it happened, you are just not ready for it. Like… my dad’s passing.

My dad died so quickly that I was (not) ready at all, but I had to. He left me with nothing, no house, no cars, only one motorbike that I would never use in a crazy traffic like Jakarta . I was also just finished my last semester at university and I had no job. I barely had any idea of how to afford to pay for the funeral home, etc.

From a far away beach in West Java.

Yet, God showed me a way. Three days after my dad died, I got a new job. I believe that God helped me in every little way possible, to help me to be ready. Despite not having anything, or anyone close at that time besides my super best friend, and the caretaker at my kost, I was practically on my own. Had I ever imagined myself being so strong? Never. Had I ever myself to cope with his death so well? Never.

I loved my dad so much that one day I imagined if I was left alone without him I’d gone crazy or probably suicidal. Everything was about him, and for him. What’s the point of living if it’s not to make him happy? I didn’t know, but I went on.


Do you want another example from my life to not worry? When we got our wedding date in January last year, we were dreading about not going to be able to afford this. Miraculously, in the same month, my friend introduced me to her client and gave me a part time project, that in the end of the day, it was a big help towards our wedding.


Faith – Little India, Singapore.

I am not a practicing Catholic but I believe in God and I believe that… no matter how bad the situation is, be grateful and never worried because God will guide you to survive. Whatever worrying situation you are in now, stand tough and pray. If you believe in Him then he will believe in you too. Maaaan… that part sounds like a preach. Sorry (#notsorry).

Hope you’re having a beautiful day!



5 thoughts on “to whatever the future holds…

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    • Memang betul, buat temenku yang khawatir itu.. Aku bilang ‘cherish what you have today’ and think about tomorrow ya tomorrow aja.. Disyukurin dulu apa yang dipunya 🙂

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